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Everything posted by RichardMowery

  1. I was watching it on my phone when he looked up that cradle I exploded my wife looked at me like I was crazy haha a absolutely great match!
  2. Lucky? No I was rooting for him south wrestled a great match and I hope he is on top of the podium this week as well I’m just using that particular Scenario to get my point across that there was some inconsistency at Evansville this week.
  3. Agreed some officials stop the second even a finger goes out others let them keep wrestling until both wrestlers are completely out.
  4. First off I am in no way trying to bash the evansville officials but I do think that there was a lack of stall/fleeing the mat calls. I seen quite a bit of stalling with no calls and guys who basically ran off the mat and no call. I also seen a lot of inconsistency among calls one in particular was the Mappes vs south match, Mappes looked to have a take down before they went out of bounds but was called no take down later in the match the same Scenario happened at almost the same exact spot and south was awarded the takedown. I am not a official and I know it is not a easy job. Us as spectators see a lot more in the stands then they can see on the mat. I’m just curious on everyone’s thoughts on that call and the lack of no calls?
  5. I know goforth is on a high horse right now lol top 4 kids on the other side
  6. Devan Casebolt over Blake boarman injury default. I’m not sure exactly what happened.
  7. IT my opinion it was a takedown. I did not see them raise Schaefer’s hand however they did announce him the winner before the call changed. IMO the wrestler who won, won.
  8. Outwreslted well that’s obvious, but you to sit here and say draws arent the majority reason why that’s just nonsense. His freshman year he draws 8th placer Jacob Skaggs from Avon. Sophomore year draws state champ Brock hudkins, junior year draws 3rd placer graham Rooks and now this year he draws mills. Willis would have qualified in 2016 had he got Dilbeck or Combest draw. He would of qualified in 2017 had he got Matt Lee or Noah hunts draw and he would have forsure qualified with Denny’s draw this year or even Rooks draw. If Willis doesn’t qualify he will be one of the best kids to not ever qualify notice I said one of the best not the best.
  9. 106 has two tough ticket round matches for me Ross vs Dalton (this is toss up for me but I chose Ross only because I got to watch him at mater dei. Also who’s is Dalton’s one loss too? Scott vs Montgomery, Scott showed last week that he can hang with the big dawgs but does he have enough to top Montgomery? I think not, look for Montgomery to take 1st and to try and meet Moran under the lights next weekend. My picks: Montgomery,Ross,Gardner,Alstott 113 4 very exciting ticket round matchs! Spears vs Boarman, boarman should not have a problem taking this one but spears is a seasoned wrestler who’s put in the work. Next you have a very open 4 man bracket anyone of them could take it Brown took the first meeting vs Kendall can he do it again and then the winner should have Conley. Sutton vs Petro is another good one. Last you have Clark vs Casebolt, Clark has shown that he is peaking at the right time but does he have enough to stun Casebolt? My picks: Boarman,Casebolt,Petro, Brown 120 Two ticket round matches stick out to me, Egli vs Rouix and the big one Boe vs Cash Boe has peaked at the right time again this year but draws a very tough Cash, cash doesn’t have a lot of Notable matches but he held his own against Curtis and Fair guys that some people consider a lock. #8 vs #9 will be fun, two extremely talented kids who have been tested all year unfortunately one goes home early. My picks: Cash, Campbell, Egli, Antunez 126 Well I could write on and on about this weight class, but first I will say thank you to the wrestling gods for not matching up Garcia and Rooks in the go round, because hopefully they will meet under the lights next weekend! With a weight class this stacked your bound to have very terrible draws. Unfortunately Willis draws mills, Willis has gotten terrible terrible draws for 3 years in a row now! He in my opinion should be at least a 3 time qualifier but draws have perverted that. Is this the year he makes it does he pull of the “upset”? Next you have Egli vs Garcia, Garcia has lost two weeks in a row now to a very tough and seasoned mills but look for him to bounce back this week and take home a Semi state title I think Rooks get the best of mills why Garcia gets the best of Denny I do think Garcia gets Rooks this week but I do expect a different outcome at the Bank. My picks: Garcia, Rooks, Mills, Denny 132: Not much to say about this class for em look for Rooks to take home the title and be looking for another title next week. But he will be tested against Dickens in the finals. There is one tough ticket round match for me Craig vs Kreitzer two well deserving qualifiers. My picks: Rooks, Dickens, Kreitzer, Sullivan 138: A brutal draw for Miranda sticks out to me he draws in my opinion the state champ Combest, Miranda is tough and has plenty of accolades to back him I wouldn’t be to surprised if he upsets Combest. Next you have a pretty open bottom bracket, Donald Campbell was 7th a year ago now sitting with a 11-10 record? Was he hurt? Just having a bad season/tough competition? Hunt comes in as the one seed and I do expect him to take this quarter bracket but wouldn’t be surprised if Kincaid wins it castle wrestles one of the toughest schedules in the state and Kincaid has wrestled the best. In the finals Combest and Mulkey will be fireworks first round Combest won in overtime I expect another overtime low scoring match. My pick: Combest, Mulkey, Lee, Hunt 145 This is a wide open weight class for me, Normally I think Sellmer is the clear favorite but he looked a little off to me last week at regionals maybe he was sick? I do look for him to take the semi state title and look for a run under the lights next week at the bank. He will have a tough go round though in a talented Peyton Pruett. My picks: Sellmer, Conley, Schoenegge, Fitts 152 LOTs of could win this weight class... except they have the #1 kid in the nation they will have to get passed in order to do it. Look for a lot of scraping in this weight class lots of good ticket round matches the one that sticks out to me the most is Blubaugh vs Parkinsons, Blubaugh has been solid all year and my pick for this match up. my picks: Lee, Blubaugh, Deters, Pollitt 160 Another weight i don’t have much to say about other then I am extremely excited for Mappes vs South V2 is the finals I think this is also the match under the lights next weekend. I look for South to take this match. My picks: South, Mappes, Singleton, Osho 170 This will definitely be a scrappy weight lots of well deserving kids trying to punch there ticket! Bad draw for Carson and Beineke! I look for brewer to continue his outstanding season and continue on his run for a title next week at the bank should be a exciting finals match between him and fuller! My picks: Brewer, Fuller, William, Hayes 182 A exciting weight for me (bias reasons) this weight it the only weight with 3 Undefeated wrestlers Walton, Mosley and Guerrier! Not any go round matches stick out to me should have a lot of kids trying to punch there ticket in the 2nd quarter bracket personally I’d like to see Wilks punch his ticket for north Harrison considering it’s there first year as a program! Mosley is tough would have really liked to see him and Guerrier go at it and the winner get Walton but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Look for Walton to continue his dominating season and to be ready for a title run next weekend. My picks: Walton, Guerrier, Mosley, Wilks 195: (Another bias weight) Sonner looks like he has finally broken threw in the state series after his in my opinion dominating performance against in my opinion the 2nd best kid in the semi state in Goforth. Look for sonner to continue his great season and to be trying for a run under the lights next weekend! Lots of kids in this weight could punch there tickets no real heavy favorites in any quarter bracket! My picks: Sonner, Goforth, Smith, Stits 220: Another weight with a lot of kids brawling for a ticket to the bank Boots and Hammond are the two front runners for this weight I expect a finals match between the two! My picks: Hammond, Boots, Williams, Sisk 285: The most open weight in my opinion I think who ever shows up will win this weight no favorites for me! my picks: McCubbins, York, Graves, Kramer
  10. Yes and let’s take a quick moment to thank the bracket gods for not matching up Garcia and Rooks!
  11. 195 Jaden sonner over grant goforth I believe it was 10-4
  12. 106- Moran 113- boarman 120- Fair 126- Rooks 132- Rooks 138- Combest or Mulkey I'd have to say Combest though 145- McIntosh 152- Lee 160 (hardest for me to pick) Mappes but wouldn't be surprised to see south on top 170- Fattore 182- Walton 195- Davidson 220- Paris 285- Pokorney
  13. I guess they think everyone should get a participation trophy lol
  14. Best Avon - Reason most state placers in my opinion worst (by far) - is the jeffersonville sectional there is maybe one state placer.
  15. Definitely the match of the day for me also a good one for me is Craig and Big Rooks.
  16. How about Columbus east man did they put on a show at the ford center. I'd have to say Jake Schoenegge has improved tremendously was very happy with his season.
  17. i doubt swank pulls out the win at 170 and hatch at 152 but hey we wrestle for a reason!
  18. yes at 132 because iv gotten to watch that kids wrestle all year but I did show love to a lot of none evansville kids too. You must of stopped reading at 126.
  19. This is going to be one of the best state tournaments in years I think unlike past years I feel like the champ was pretty well known before the tournament. But this year other then 145 and 152 in my opinion anyone can win! I mean just look at some semi state results Gee came out of no where and beat 3 Studs! 106: Campbell vs Curtis i havent got to see Curtis wrestle this year but I can see from results and his performance this year there is a reason he is ranked 1st! But you can never count out brownsburgs Campbell kid gives everything he has every match wither it be a good kid or a average kid he wrestles hard every match. I just don't see Campbell taking out Black, Johnson and Curtis in the same day. Curtis takes it 6-4. Friday night match to watch: Brayden Lowery vs JC Herring two amazing kids competing for a medal. 113: Man Garcia and Viduya on the same side imo that's the finals match. The top bracket is wide open Horty wrestled lights out until he hit Garcia but I just don't think he beats Watts I was fortune enough to get to watch him at team state and man he is tough. Dispite turners loses this year he showed up last year but I think watts gets the best of him. Watts vs Garcia in the finals, Garcia wins 12-2. Friday night match to watch: Alec Viduya vs Kane Egli, Egli may have 9 loses but he goes to mater dei and his last name is Egli. 120: Mosconi, Mills and Triana on the same side omg! All have wrestled amazing this year and triana has a win over Rooks. I knew mosconi was good but I didn't realize how good until I seen him this past weekend! I think he beats Triana in the quarters but mills wins that side to see Rooks again. I think Rooks wins again in another close one 5-4. Friday night match to watch: Poynter vs Wright stands out to me two great kids competing for a 6th place medal. 126: there is just to much to say on this one I could write a book. I'll make it short. Rooks vs Cummings and Mulkey vs DeLaPena is how I have it. I think Rooks vs Mulkey again in the finals and I'm going with Rooks again I said it at the beginning of the year both Rooks bothers win titles this year! Friday night match to watch: Alec white vs Colton Cummings man oh man everyone will be watching this one. 132: first off reitz and bailey should be the finals imo. Man I thought luigs was a legit contender after watching him at mater dei but after this weekend not anymore (though you can't count mater dei out) I think the top bracket is opens no clear favorites Combest has been wrestling out of his mind since team state. I may be biest because Combest threw his headgear on me after he won regionals. I think it's Combest vs bailey in the finals but bailey finals gets his title and wins 9-3. Friday night match to watch: Kyle Luigs vs Conner Gimson tough draw a top 6 kid in my opinion goes home without a medal. 138: This one is gonna be a dog fight. 4 possible champions. Based on rumphs health being unclear I think Sellmer get him. In the bottom bracket I think black in the favorite forsure but DONT look past Schoenegge! He is only a sophomore but he can wrestle and he is hard to score on. I think it's Sellmer vs Black in the finals. This one is going to be high scoring I think Black takes its 11-10. Friday night match to watch: Ryan Surguy vs Jake Schoenegge another terrible draw. 145: Lee and McIntosh in the quarters OUCH! Bottom bracket it wide open anyone can get to the finals! But I think crary gets out ill take Lee over Crary 16-5. Friday night match to watch: I think there are two here Kasper McIntosh vs Joel Arney two extremely talented juniors I think Arneys 3rd best at this weight. Also Kain Rust vs Logan Coyle two top 8 kids going at it for a medal. 152: I can honestly say this weight has me stumped. I can't decide Warren or bethel for a shot at Kerrn! For a shot at Lee! I'm not counting Hatch out in the semis but come on it's Joe Lee! This bottom bracket has my head spinning but warren has just really impressed me he never stops moving always looks to score. But bethel is Austin bethel and he can beat anyone at anytime. I'm going with warren over bethel and warren also over Kerrn. Lee vs Warren in the finals and Lee wins 16-7. Friday night match to watch: Jacob Clark vs Kassius Breathitt two top 8 kids! 160: I think Laughlin is the clear favorite but he has shown that he can be beat. Alston bane has showed that he is a legitimate title contender and I think the wrestling gods for not having these two on the same side! I don't think you can count out Mappes against Laughlin though his last name is mappes after all and he has impressed me every year and put on a nice performance last year at state. At the end of the day I think it's Laughlin vs Bane. Laughlin wins 7-4. Friday night match to watch: Jed Levitz vs Ethan Stock the stocks have flown under the radar all year but they definitely showed up this state series and have looked phenomenal. 170: This is anyone's game. I honestly don't think there's anyone you can count out in this weight. Iv had to really think about this one. Van horn vs Webster in the quarters! I thought Van horn was gonna be the clear favorite at sectionals but oh no Eli stock has made everyone's head turn! This top bracket is just brutal!! I really don't know who to pick! Fattore has a win over Baumgartner but I think it's baumgartner vs Webster in the semis and swank vs stock in the semis on the bottom side. At the end of the day it's Stock vs Webster. It will be a close 1 point match, 7-6 stock. Friday night match to watch: Jordan Radar vs Jake Ruburg 182: Earlier in the year I heard a lot of people saying Walton is a lock I think not though he hasn't been beating in indiana this year neither has Junior Lucas Davidson. This one should be the finals I think. Gary vs Dull and Walton vs Davidson in the semis. Finals I have Walton vs Gray it was a one point match last time I think it will be again. Walton over Gray 5-4 Friday night match to watch: Jake Moore vs Jeremy Torres this ones just a little personal because I'm a fan of Moore. Both have 5 loses between them and have put on nice performances this state series. 195: Tonte and Davidson on opposite sides THANK YOU WRESTLING GODS! This is the match I have been waiting on and arguing with my mother about all year. My mother has been a huge tonte fan ever since he beat my brother at folkstyle state 3 years ago. And I have had to hear for the past 3 years that oh he's gonna win this year and so far I'm 2-0 on my picks. But is this his year? I watched him throw micheal boots 3 times in about a minute at team state and man did that make me think this is his year. But there are so many title contenders here. Shaffer put on a show at SS this past weekend. Can he beat Tonte? I think it's Davidson vs Tonte in the finals, and I'm taking Davidson in a tight one 9-7. Man I hope this match happens! Friday night match to watch: Kurtis wilderman vs Ben Stewart! OUCH! My number 4 and 5 going at it. Two seniors one ends there career without a medal the other gets a shot at Davidson To wrestle under the lights. 220: Man what a shame Larson and Parris on the same side. This one should be in the finals forsure! How about Corbin Maddox last weekend 82 points in 4 matches thats absolutely crazy for any weight let alone 220 pounders! He's my pick to get a shot at Parris in the finals but at the end of the day it's the Mason Parris show and he will pin the field. Friday night match to watch: Two big ones stick out to me Garrison Lee vs Jacob McClaine both of these guys fell short in the ticket round last year can Lee end his caareer with a medal or will McClaine end that dream? Clayton Scroggs vs Mason Parris WOW. Clayton has had a amazing career, but his performance this past state series has looked a little shaky. Yes he has had quality opponents but at the start of sectionals he was in my opinion the 3rd best in the state. Can he pull of the upset of the century? 285: This one is a toss up i count 4 title contenders with 3 on the same side. Last year samuels was in the finals and did the only thing no one else could do take Shawn streck down. But giving up 70 pounds to almost every guy in this bracket can he make it back under the lights? Ripple put on quite a show this weekend but I don't think he gets past samuels. Evan Ellis and Robert samuels in the semis on the top side. I think McWilliams walks threw the bottom side but we wrestle for a reason. If Lawson gets past a tough Clark can he beat McWilliams for a shot under the lights? Finals I have Evan Ellis vs Isaiah McWillians I think Ellis ends his career with a 3-2 victory and a state title. Friday night match to watch: two huge matches,Rickie Clark vs Jesse Lawson can slick rick get a medal? Also Dylan Cain vs Jacob Rhoades, Cain did what I thought he couldn't do and that was not only beat Bryce biddle but pinned him. I think Parris will be the MVP of the tournament. Can't wait for this Friday!!
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