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    red6612 reacted to Y2CJ41 in State Hangout Wednesday at 8:30pm EST   
    Come join the crew as we talk about what we are looking forward to at state
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    red6612 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Bracket Fiasco 2015   
    There was no error in the formula. The one they gave out at Merrillville was correct...until Sunday morning. When the commissioner came in with the formula they started putting the brackets together and realized they were different.  They actually could have kept them the same as they had to do more work to change them.
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    red6612 reacted to fanatic46041 in Bracket Fiasco 2015   
    That must have been while Reitz threw his match to Black and Donaldson let Laughlin Pin him and Lawrence talked it over with Coviciu about how he would let him win the 4th meeting...Seriously think every kid wrestles every match regardless....or Maybe not
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    red6612 reacted to ontherise219 in Merrillville needs a new announcer   
    I wish someone built a website where every kid had a profile with name school grade career record state experience and national placement that would help
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    red6612 reacted to KarlHungus in Semi State Previews   
    Merrillville's preview is done and sent to the boss
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    red6612 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Sectional seedings   
    Most, if not all, meetings are tonight around 7ish. The brackets should be released hopefully by the morning. 
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    red6612 reacted to InSpectator in 120 Will be fun!   
    I think the Rankings Guy is gonna have a good time with this weight class. Good luck!
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    red6612 reacted to pdaddy in 120 Will be fun!   
    Great job Jeremiah!!! If I have to pick a favorite it is going to be Him!! I hope to see Hudkins and Reitz in the finals!!! I will go ahead and call Reitz!!! But there are so many great kids here, Black obviously a serious threat, and they all match up so oddly!!! Like I said its gonna be fun!!! 
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    red6612 reacted to ontherise219 in reitz pins black   
    They would probably switch spots
    1. Bailey (who wrestles Elliott tonight)
    2. Miller(who wrestles hatch this weekend)
    3. Elliott only loss to bailey
    4. Rietz split with black
    5. Black split with reitz
    6. Hudkins who was #1 before injury and wrestles Bocock Saturday
    7. Egli who's only loss was too Elliott
    8. Hatch unbeaten has miller
    9. Bocock who wrestles hudkins Saturday
    Also I'm hearing that when Tyler ferguson returns he will be at 120. This is a nasty weight!
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    red6612 got a reaction from Drewsgma in reitz pins black   
    Not this catch again black looked good in 1st went into 2nd period up 3-0 and got stuck by a stud wrestler now its pin for pin cant wait for . Conference Saturday
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    red6612 reacted to fanatic46041 in 120 Will be fun!   
    Brock Hudkins is the #1 seed at Conference this week 15-0 so im guessing he's back be interested in seeing what % he's at...Glad to see the young man back on the mat
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    red6612 reacted to poitup123 in BLACK PINS REITZ!   
    Plus one, times 2, e to the x, log base 10, and all of that. This is sure to be the start of a very nice rivalry, as previously said, and most of us will get to enjoy it at least a few more times. Moments after the match, I was like, "Can't wait to see that one again at the regional." Now I realize that would potentially be Volume 5 of a potential seven-volume set.
    Two notes about two great dudes.
    1. Reitz has missed some mat time being banged up and maybe was a hair less sharp this time around. No excuses, no dog in the fight, just saying.
    2. Black, meanwhile, has a different shoulder problem -- he has a chip on his from people bad-mouthing his circuitous route to being a state placer. It's great to see that his drive and the addition of those freshman studs in the room has propelled him to refuse to rest on his accomplishments. BTW, Hobart was dialed in all day yesterday, won the team title by 50-plus. 
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    red6612 reacted to pdaddy in 120 Will be fun!   
    Brenden is tough for sure. Haven't seen him in a while. Impressive win! 120 just got even more interesting! 
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    red6612 got a reaction from Drewsgma in BLACK PINS REITZ!   
    Black was the the aggressor from the start black got the takedown than switched to the half for the pin I would say it was one-sided they wrestle again tues.
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    red6612 got a reaction from Drewsgma in BLACK PINS REITZ!   
    Have never seen anything but class as nd respect from both these young men
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