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Everything posted by red6612

  1. How do u guys think 120 stacks up against rhe all time best brackets
  2. Last year I. The tourney reitz stuck egli in the 1st and this summer Black stuck Gomez in the 1st so they arent complete strangers to your Evansville boys but i agree gonna be fun
  3. All right folks no criticism but heres my prediction gomez d.miller reitz D. Bailey Elliot D.hudkins Black D.Bocock Semis Reitz D. Gomez Black D. Elliot finals Black D. Reitz
  4. Black is wrestling out of his mind right now and going into state with something to prove from last year hudkins is the only thingbi see stopping him from a title at 120 and I still not betting against him
  5. Its done and over with now lets get back to the excitement of the finals not carry over the controversy of the bracket
  6. I think it sucks like everyone else but no one is going to bankers for an 8th place medal so if kids got a tougher ticket round than expected im sorry now lets watch some good kids and good wrestling next weekend there is nothing we can do Now
  7. I think it all sucks and and an explanation is deserved for all f us
  8. If it was a complaining coach that got his way odds are it was griffiths coach he is always crying about something
  9. s there anywhere we can upload the videos from merrillville semi state
  10. Black put on a clinic yesterday im going out on a limb sayin reitz black in THE finals
  11. like the title says its been fun Any new predictions since last month or everyone still set
  12. Im gonna say truver came tip wrestle today be proud of yourself kid u earned it
  13. This weight class is going to be fun
  14. I think I botched the last of the last match too just results from me no more recap
  15. I tried explaining it best I could knew a lot of people were waiting to hear the results jumped gun with poor wrestling knowledge sorry folks
  16. There u go you arevright my friend likebi said if im wrong I appoligize
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