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  1. true but baumgartners build, size, and strength will be a problem especially his build. His style of wrestling can be compared to like a 152 pounder. he is the best athlete in his weight class and will be a three sport varsity athlete as a sophomore. and if he can control the match work his defense and set up his shots he's got it in sudden victory in my opinion
  2. I think alot of people are over looking baumgartner. I believe he beats evans in a good fashion if evans even makes it past round one. if you look at a finals match between baumgartner and maddox in the finals i think baumgartner wins in sudden victory.
  3. baumgartner with the regional title in my opinion
  4. isaiah will run our semi- state at 195 and i believe he can win our semi-state and get a place at state this year. even if he gets second at our semi state he wins friday night in the first day of state.
  5. I think our the fort wayne semi-state rankings should give some love to Isaiah Baumgartner with his only loss on the season coming from the #4 ranked 182 lb wrestler in the state andy kohler. and that loss was by dec.
  6. Goodwin is just the better wrestler. if Goodwin can make it down to 120 he can upset alot of people in my opinion.
  7. sawyer milller? best pound for pound for pound i would say.
  8. Anthony Mosser of AC Dec. Mason Mendez of Bellmont 5-4 in Sectional Championship
  9. dont forget: trey kongar: 2-0 vincent cook: 2-0
  10. what about J.C's 26 vs. S.A's 26
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