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Everything posted by ClownBaby

  1. Ah, you’ve been there before too I see. Nice!
  2. Oh ok, I get it now since you used all caps lock.
  3. Hey Uncle Jimmy! Ok here goes my thoughts on this and I’ll try my best to stick to what I KNOW as fact from my time with Coach P and Carmel Wrestling as best I can. First, please know I’m not in anyone’s inner circle and like Coach Vega said, I do not know any of the details other than what has been made public. I love wrestling and I love Carmel wrestling although I haven’t gotten to be part of it lately as much as I’d like. I’ve been to war WITH Coach P and FOR Coach P and I’m not going to abandon him now just cuz things are a little uncomfortable. Can he be a little stubborn? Yes
  4. I swear we had this conversation last year! Nicky Blaines......Your going to find this hard to believe but....I'm banned from there. The lobby area seemed nice for the 2 minutes I was in there. Apparently "Mr. Blain" took umbrage with me showing up with several members of the Hooters wait staff in their work uniforms. Who knew that would be frowned upon. Oh, plus Clown Baby wouldn't be caught dead paying anything less than $21 for a martini. I prefer the 1933 Lounge at St. Elmo's, now that's classy! For the breakfast eaters, Yolk is my jam. Crazy good food and as of the last time I was the
  5. I gotta say, I called this one at sectionals. He's my upset special of the tournament to win the weight class. He's a matchup nightmare for a lot of wrestlers. I have to say though I hate to admit this. As a Carmelite, it's in our constitution that I can't be a fan of anything HSE. They don't even have their own Audi dealership over there.
  6. Oh, I forgot to answer that one! My go to SS is the same every year and will be until the end of wrestling.....New Castle baby! Up or down year, it's NC, Clown Baby ain't no fair weather fan.
  7. Haha, I'm actually somewhat close to you right now, heading west on 20 stopped at truck stop called Gallops. I'll swing by and pick you up if you don't mind drinking Zima until we can score some old dog. Hell, I'm alright with "da region", they're pretty tough people. Met an older gentleman at an college tournament earlier in the season who fell off the balcony. When I helped him up, he didn't know where he was anymore but he had a Region Wrestling shirt on and blood pouring from his snout. Didn't even want any help. True story
  8. I really gotta ask this......is there any chance this was a misunderstanding? What was the context? I ask because, to be honest, this doesn't sound like coach p to me. I mean, even if there is a history or something I don't know about, I would find it very doubtful on any level you have made the guy angry more than I have and I can honestly say, he's never done that to me personally. In fact, I would kind of say he's gone soft in his old age......I'm teasing, he's still a fireball. But it kind of comes with the territory of being a wrestling coach. You can't please everyone all the time so it
  9. Oh no, everything is fine....better than ever actually! With Baby Clown Baby all growed up and out of the house, I don't have to feed that human trash compactor any more. His ice cream bill alone is subsidized by the wonderful families of the Carmel wrestling program and that's like $1,800 a month I can put back into the living large budget. Yeah, the jeep is just one of my wrestling transportation options. Other than that, it's nothing less than an Audi.
  10. Wait a minute......how'd you know that? I've obviously got a security breach somewhere in the chain of command that needs addressing. And for the record, it's actually the "Clown Baby" suite that "Mr. Simon" is graciously "allowed" to use when wrestling is not in town. As long as he minds his p's and q's and doesn't drink all of the diet apple Slice I have shipped in from a warehouse in South America. They haven't made that since 1989 you know? It's the caviar of import diet sodas.
  11. Oh snap! I just happen to have an inside connection on a stretch clown car which also happens to be just a normal size car for non clown types. Me and my posse will roll 35 deep in a shiny new jeep. Of course there will be valet parking involved whatever mode of transport is used. Oh, my Uber ban just ended last week so there's that option too. Seems they frown upon trying to squeeze 18+ people in full clown regalia into the back seat. The puke rule may have broken too even though we managed to get the "bulk" out of the window. Sheesh!
  12. I never realized how spoiled we are to get this sectional preview every year. You really do a great job.
  13. Haha, thanks man! Was that too much? Jeez, in my head that came across as brotherly advice. Is that a banable offense? Can you put in a good word? As for the old Audi, I had to put her down once she got a salt stain on her, I couldn't be seen driving around in that so I traded her for a shiny new Jeep.
  14. Odd? You wanna know what's odd? A mom coming on this thread and trying to tout her kid as one of the most dominant big men ever in such a passive aggressive way. Seriously, this is coming from someone with plenty of his own detractors here. And then the most awesome display of gross misconduct by trying to play the victim is your response when called out. I'll put it in easy to understand terms for you: Parris and Gelen top 1% of wrestlers period. There's absolutely no shame in being a top 10% wrestler. I don't see Ellis mom and or dad on here lobbying for Evan do you? See the differ
  15. Ok friendo, I see what you've done here. If you've come lookin for a fight you've found one if you're here to besmirch my good name. Otherwise I would suggest you either become a fan of Carmel wrestling or crawl back under the rock you slithered out from. While I'm here, I may as well try to add to the discussion even though this clown has me all riled up.........since wrestling is so weekend oriented, would pay be big factor in being able to keep good refs also? I have no idea what IHSAA refs get paid for their time but considering all the abuse they take and being away from their familie
  16. Omg! Omg! Omg!!! Don't blow this ClownBaby, the coach acknowledged you, make it count!! My sabbatical was two pronged coach, besides wrestling Aboriginese I also discovered a shart proof royal blue and gold singlet! Also, congratulations on winning county!
  17. Haha, thanks man, I love that hashtag, I may need to borrow that soon. I learned real quick that the key to beating them is to get behind them and grab them by their weak spot, the tail. That and make sure they don't have a spare kangaroo in a secret pocket on their stomachs. Uh, I think you misspelled #ClownBabyCrush
  18. ClownBaby is here just in time for wrestling season. I've been on a self imposed exile to the Australian outback wrestling kangaroos barehanded. It's the biggest animal I could think of that I could beat without using a weapon of any kind. Was you wanting to talk about my beloved Carmel squad? What's this trade talk all about? Whatever it is I'm for it
  19. Hook is killing it in this thread right now, funny stuff. I'm missing context though because I come and go from the message board too much. Serious question and believe it or not, I'm not trying to stir the pot.......Isn't the Danville Warriors part of #hashtagcounty? I thought they were and they're never mentioned in all the tags being hashed all over the place. I ask because in the last 20 years don't they have like 4 IHSAA individual state champs which is the amount of the entire rest of the #county combined? Granted, it may not be as recent but don't they have a solid coach from Tri-W
  20. I see my name was mentioned earlier for a mistake I made once. This time it's for real! Yeah, I'm going to be that guy.
  21. Reee......no, Led. What was the question?
  22. ClownBaby


    Yeah, but you have to admit....the overall deep quality of the weight more than makes up for that Woods/Mason finals match. That's been one hell of a weight class!
  23. I know it's late in the game but, for the people who still have time or next year, for a great place to eat breakfast on Saturday morning try Yolk around the corner from Bankers Life. They even have stuff with kale for the weirdies and it doesn't hurt that all the decor is Carmel colors.
  24. St. Elmo's if you want to eat something cheap. Best valet parking for Audi's too, they spray horseradish flavored air freshener on the interior.
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