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  1. Even if they don't receive any money at all just by getting the chance to wrestle in college might be what helps get that kid through school... I know if it wasn't for sports in high school I probably wouldn't have ever made good enough grades to get into college... Now whether college is right for that kid or not is a whole different topic of discussion... Lots of kids take on huge amounts of debt just to go to college and it ends up hurting them even more in the long run.
  2. But it doesn't... Is it really THAT important? lol I get your point but you're searching for things here... I would say its the same thing as you guys putting out data for 3 classes yet arguing for a 2 class system... This is a solid point but the fact of the matter is that is up to the college recruiter to decide. (Thinking about the kids here...) Does it really matter? As long as it is another one of INDIANA's kids going to wrestle and not IL or PA. What if you have a DIII college there who can't offer athletic scholarships so most "GOOD" kids wouldn't want to attend there but
  3. I do believe I am the reason you got that little nickname...
  4. It's not always up to Joe. I leave it up to you MR. MATH!
  5. Well of course... But one could say at 1A schools kids get more 1 on 1 time from coaches when there is only 4 kids on the team... That would be an advantage too... Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to each situation... Just like life...
  6. Well one could say that those kids from 3A schools have more experience being "under the lights" or in high pressure situations. Their schedules are certainly more difficult than most 1A schools thus they get more experience wrestling in big tournaments with lots of pressure on the line and many more fans in the stands. Having this experience could be the difference between making the right strategic decision with 20 secs left in the match compared to a kid who doesn't have the experience of wrestling those high pressure matches.
  7. No I could honestly care less if big or little schools have it "better offr" I just want to help improve the sport and get more kids participating... And the data shows at the end of the day class wrestling doesn't accomplish this task...
  8. Yeah and the classed states FF about 2 more weight classes than our big schools... It just transferred the pain from small schools to big schools and hurt the overall participation rates even more than they already are...
  9. No the Forfeit data actually showed states with classed wrestling have about 1 more FF per team than we do in our single class system... There was another thread a while ago with all the data in it but classing actually hurt the overall participation rates...
  10. No they are doing it their own way... And like we discussed before actually have a worse FF % than we do here in our "horrible" single class system... So the classed system didn't in any way help participation % which is the whole idea of classing the sport... Yeah it helped the little schools but hurt the big schools and at the end of the day did more damage than good... So i see no point in shifting the pain from small schools to big schools just to cause even more harm to the sport in general...
  11. And thats why we can all agree the "Team State" portion should be classed... The individual portion should be left alone...
  12. I mean "class wrestling" in the sense of people pushing to make it happen... They have been talking about this for years and nothing has ever came from it... Yet rather than try to compromise with a classed team dual and individual state tourney, they would rather stick with the my way or the highway type of thinking...
  13. Ok well good luck with the change. I would take slight progress over the zero progress class wrestling has made over the last 10+ years...
  14. Ok but did you not admit the Carmel was an outlier from the 3A class? Then why don't we include their stats in the 1A class since they are an outlier on the opposite end of the spectrum? I see where your coming from... But would you rather see slight progress towards your end game or none at all? Maybe by taking one small baby step and getting the IHSAA to take over the classed team state it will open their eyes to what classing the individual tourney would do... Because at this point in time, the same as it has been the last 10+ years, the IHSAA isn't going to make any big changes...
  15. Yeah it's always strange how they have "statistics" to back up their opinion but yet their "statistics" always add EMD to 3A and use a 3 class system when they are debating for a 2 class system... Why don't we continue what we already have? A classed dual tourney and an unclassed individual tourney? What is going to bring more kids into the room? When a school wins team state or when a single kid wins individual state? I would venture to say a school would get much more publicity than an individual champion. Not to mention when the team wins all the kids get "rings" thus, giving more
  16. That's not how this works... That's not how any of this works...
  17. Good Point... What about taking donations though? or would it be possible to get sponsorship's for the event?
  18. With regards to the financial issues holding the IHSWCA back from renting a larger facility, why don't they start a go fund me page or take donations yearly to help cover some of the costs? What about requiring the winning teams to participate in a fund raiser put on to raise funds for the next years team state? Or what about the IHSWCA providing special "attire" for team state so that the teams who wanted special gear for team state could purchase it through the IHSWCA and the IHSWCA could keep the profits off that? I'm just throwing out some ideas to help increase the funding.
  19. The program is going to be shockingly good for the foreseeable future... Most of the kids on the team have been wrestling since they started wearing diapers... I remember attending ISWA events when I was in high school and seeing these kids run around on the mat with a bottle in their mouths... It's nice to see their dedication pay off!
  20. Can't we save this conversation for after the season ends like every other year?
  21. For the love of money - The O' Jays
  22. There was someone on here selling used mats from a school not to long ago. http://indianamat.com/index.php/topic/48301-wrestling-mats-for-sale/
  23. By allowing waivers i think they are throwing up the white flag. Admitting the "RULE" was a mistake in the first place... They need to make it inclusive not exclusive...
  24. I'm just playing devils advocate... Your formula still doesn't help if my 1A kid who is good enough to be 3rd at sectionals ends up not placing because of a bad seeding/draw and has to wrestle the #1 kid who is 3A first match... Like seen in Tecumseh this year where one or two kids advancing can determine if you make it or not...
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