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  1. I know middle school weight classes have been a topic many times before and everybody uses different ones. We have been using the old middle school weight classes for years plus the addition of 70pounds. I like the new wc and I especially like how they have girl wc also. Is anyone considering switching to the new set?
  2. How does your line up not include Ranoldo Weekly? You’re gonna need to turn in your coach’s card. SMH
  3. I heard there will be satellite weigh-in sites. Any word on where those will be?
  4. Our middle school is 5th-8th grade. We use middle school state weight classes with the addition of 70pounds. We have 3-4 kids always under 70pounds. We have 2 full teams plus more but thin from 175-220. I would also like to see a more uniform set of weight classes for MS across the state.
  5. Both my boys are now big fans of RobbieGentry. Lots of energy yesterday! Good luck this weekend!
  6. What about Greg Larson in 1994? I remember him in freestyle and Greco but can’t recall him ever making it to high school state except for his senior year. Was he from Hanover Central?
  7. I believe the possible other at 171 during 96-97 was Dallas Manering of Floyd Central. I think he was top 10 at that time also.
  8. If both champs then you don’t need the formula. They will be in different brackets
  9. Many middle school coaches aren’t in the school during the day. Lunch time weigh-ins are no different that weigh-ins everyday before practice. Don’t let a kid wrestle off for a weight that he doesn’t make regularly. We wrestle Tues and Thurs Duals plus 4 Saturday’s. Not including ISWA tourneys. These kids are growing and should not be cutting weight. We wrestled a dual tonight, no weigh-ins and were obviously little in multiple places. Won 77-27 using middle school state weight classes plus 70pounds. ISWA is swinging back to “satellite weigh-ins”. No difference, same people are going
  10. The losers of the pigtails were not eliminated from the tournament. They were able to wrestle back through the console bracket. Maybe this is not how the IHSAA does the pigtails but that’s how it was ran with track at MD Holiday Tourney.
  11. Isn’t it a random draw for the pigtail wrestlers? MD Holiday Tourney had all kinds of pigtails this year and it seemed random. I think fair to do it that way. When does team points start to be scored?
  12. I think you meant to list Hunter May as 4th not Hunter Henry in the 15u at 135.
  13. Perfect place to re-air the Galka and Fabio clip with American Death in the back ground.
  14. Middle School State used to do them. I think there was a 2lb allowance with singlet and shoes. It worked but needed a scale at every mat and somebody to enter in the computer. If over weight then you were done and you ff.
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