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  1. I believe Brown County ran a front head and arm like that when the Ritchie Brothers were there. They would lockup an inside cradle off of it when the kids would start to go out. Refs would stop it for being potentially dangerous if they realized what it was. It was TIGHT
  2. Congrats to all the triple crown winners this year. It takes a lot of hard work and the stars to align just a bit for some to achieve this honor. I personally want to congratulate Hunter May. 2019 Schoolboy triple crown winner. Middle school champ and USAW Folkstyle National Champ. He’s a great young man on and off the mat and a tremendous competitor. He puts in all the extra work and is lucky to have such a great and supportive family. Big future in front of you!
  3. I don’t think Floyd Central is new to this tournament. It’s going to be a great 2days of Wrestling as always. Seeding meeting will be crazy with all the talent at each weight
  4. It’s wasn’t about the food for me. It’s was the Liquid. Descent breakfast on Friday, small lunch (fruit), then if I could sip a gatoraid Friday evening and not have to run 5mi Saturday was great. Gradually cut back each day and make sure he can drink on Friday evening.
  5. Coach Weimer is one of the few coaches in the state that could still pull the old school reversible off.
  6. “because of a once-in-a-generation truly great coaches that willed their programs to greatness, changing the lives of many, there are a few that stand out” Changing the lives of many...the goal of any great coach. If you get a state championship along the way...that’s a bonus. IMO
  7. Are the weight classes going to be the same? I remember seeing a thread with possible new “middle school” weights?
  8. Awesome big guy! Way to represent Indiana and that Green and Gold.
  9. Metals much nicer than last years. But not sure if they are big enough for TripleB's "ego".
  10. How will weigh-ins work? Matside? Allowance? Shoes and Singlet? thanks
  11. The addition of FC and NA definitely brought a few (hopefully more) state qualifiers and placers to this sectional. The drive will be longer for these two schools but may help their trip to Bankers. Now they get to draw into the Jeff Regionals at semistate...the draw everyone usually wants. And the B-Town Regionals just classier with the addition of DonnieBaker
  12. Not only did the IHSAA invite Floyd County to the Southridge party but also they bailed Donniebaker out of jail!
  13. I think he perfers to be call a "little person"
  14. I agree, Mooresville 170 is a lock. Mosley and Fuller don't have a chance...Dirty South Chumps. I'm sure they won't even practice all 5days this week since they have chance.
  15. I like win...but...As a coach and teacher it's easy to "coach" "teach" the kids that want to "learn". Imo we have to reach those kids who need us more than we need them. Make a difference in their lives. change their path. And if it helps the team then that's a bonus.
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