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  1. Opposite of scorers table view before roll through. Peru coaches asking for back points.
  2. Brilliant, ingenious tilt by Fattore for sure. Its a pin or its not a pin. There is no gray area. Both shoulders not down for two seconds. Fattore gets robbed by ref and mental attitude award.
  3. Still no video working on track for this bout for me. Anyone else having trouble?
  4. I get a playback error only on that match. Ill keep trying.
  5. Trackwrestling pulled the video. They are hiding the bad call.
  6. I could find video feeds from all semi-states but Evansville and I feel shorted as a fan. Is this an advantage for the Evansville wrestlers heading to state? Does the Region, and other schools that broadcast duals and tournaments, put themselves at a competitive disadvantage over schools that hide results or dont broadcast?
  7. Seriously all this fuss about a kid missing one tourney to better his future, while there is no shame for holding your kid back for purely athletic reasons. Come on people its just a sport.
  8. The very top academic institutions do not offer athletic scholarships. This is the end of Fattore’s academic testing season; similar to football season, it has been months long. He takes school, sports, and church all very seriously.
  9. No chrystal ball sir, Lemley is registered at 160 for Super 32. Congrats on this nice catch!
  10. Spencer uses that leg to get up after the the match is over to shake hands no problemo.
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