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  1. So out of that entire match that was state finals quality that was the only thing you saw fit to comment on?
  2. I was in the corner of a match at sectional and I was voicing my thoughts to the match official about a call that was made. Behind me waiting to officiate another match was another official. He interjected directly to me that I should keep quiet. The match official in question had been struggling all day and I suggested to the resting official that the match official could use an assistant. The resting official got up walked to the table and gave me a warning and took away a team point. So my question is can a non-participating referee take that action when the mat official did not take exception to anything?
  3. billyptl

    120 Will be fun!

    Don't sleep on Jake Hartman...
  4. billyptl


    Jake Hartman of South Bend Clay 33-0 at 120/126
  5. billyptl

    Merrillville's Tom Cameron

    On a positive note, how about Mason Cao of South Bend Clay going undefeated at a tough 182 weight class!

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