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  1. Bbarcus08

    Bremen RWO

    Today at 5:30 come get to the next level and learn from Collin Crume assistant coach at Indiana tech!!! Also Tyler Moser will be in the room
  2. Bbarcus08

    Bremen RWO

    Let’s get back after it Thursday at 5:30! Working hard during the off-season will get you to the next level and maybe you can be the next Ty Mills and beat the #1 ranked wrestler in the country!!!!!
  3. Bbarcus08

    Bremen RWO

    Now that spring break is over strap your shoes back on and start working towards getting to the next level this Thursday BREMEN is giving you the opportunity to learn some great technique from the “sloth” KYLE HATCH
  4. Bbarcus08

    Bremen RWO

    Spring break is here but I can’t think of a better place to be Thursday then Bremen’s RWO!!! 5:30 who needs Florida when you can visit the great town of Bremen Indiana!!!!
  5. Bbarcus08

    Bremen RWO

    Tomorrow at 5:30 come take advantage of the technique Kenny Kerrn will be showing and get yourself to the next level!!! Enter door 16
  6. Bbarcus08

    Bremen RWO

    Tomorrow at 5:30 enter door 16 take advantage of this great opportunity to get to the next level!!!
  7. Bbarcus08

    Bremen RWO

    Tomorrow at 5:30 Enter door 16 jam tunes will be cranked up for the first RWO at Bremen!!!

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