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  1. The Garcia/Mills (went alphabetical, no favorites) state series reminds me of Eppert/Wright series - what a great rivalry that was. Starting at sectionals and ending in the State Finals 2x. Possibly the greatest wrestling rivalry ever in IN.
  2. He recently lost an inter-squad to Josh Shields at 157, after beating Oliver Pierce earlier. I assume this means he is not the starter going into the season. http://www.thesundevils.com/news/2017/10/29/-asuwrestling-holds-annual-maroon-gold-intrasquad.aspx
  3. Wow Lucas Davison put up 92 points on his way to Fargo AA.
  4. Davison. Of the seniors that won the state tournament - he was the most dominant this year. I don't have access to his complete record but what is listed on Track for the season he had all Falls (1 Tech Fall), except 1 major and 1 Injury default. He had 0 matches without scoring bonus and only 1 major - that is dominant on a whole different level... His matches in the state series: (3 sectional matches) 0:32, 0:35. 1:33; (3 regional matches) 0:22, 0:40, 1:19, (4 SS matches) 1:07, 1:18, 2:55, 1:14; (State 4 matches) 0:54, 1:02, Inj. [time] (This match may have been in the 2nd period),
  5. That's funny given the current problems with NFL vets and CTE!
  6. Well deserved. Great for Chad and great for IN. It's great to get an IN kid as the Flow wrestler of the week. It's even better when it relates to performance in state.
  7. Cosmopolitan... Bwahahaha!!! Priceless. Region = cosmopolitan nailed it!
  8. Seems like fewer possible undefeated match-ups this year than normal (of course there are some spectacular ones): Potential Semi's match-ups 170: Drew Hughes, 43-0; Nathan Walton, 41-0 182: Blake Rypel, 41-0; Andrew Davison, 38-0 Potential Finals Match-ups 132: Chad Red, 40-0; Nick Lee, 13-0 138: Brayton Lee, 39-0; Sage Coy, 39-0 Potential Semi's and Final match-ups 220 is the only class 4 undefeated (bigger boys are going to be fun to watch this year!) Top semi: Mason Parris, 48-0; Evan Ellis, 42-0 Bottom semi: Gunnar Larson, 39-0; Kobe Woods, 33-0
  9. I thoroughly expected this to be a competitive match. I followed it on track and was blown away at how Lee was racking up points on the, at that time, undefeated Molloy. The transitive properties of wrestling don't always hold true, so I know we can't say Lee is better than Red just because he dominated his SS more than Red did, but I am even more excited to see this match than I was (and it was already the match I was most excited for). It PPV worthy.
  10. So you are saying they do have full wrestle backs...
  11. #6(1SS) Kleimola v #7(2SS) Davidson; They have 4 losses combined, 3 of those are to each other.
  12. Thanks for weighing in coach. As I stated earlier I suspected this issue was with the IHSAA and the IHSAA rules were up held. Just to clarify did Yorktown or any associated with the program initiate the IHSAA involvement? Or more importantly, is there anything Yorktown could do or could have done to permit the eligibility of these kids?
  13. So Yorktown accepted him as a transfer last year, but are now blocking blocking his transfer back to his home district? I kind of find that hard to believe. All of the people I know involved in youth/high school wrestling are ultimately about the Kids first and promoting the sport second. I just find it hard to believe that any IN High School coach/program would blatantly display such a double standard of "accepting transfer's in and fighting transfers out". I suspect (hope) it has more to do with some stupid IHSAA rule than Yorktown just being mean spirited.
  14. I have know no clue on how eligibility works for IN high school sports.-- Does he live in Yorktown's school district and switched schools or does he live in Frankton's district? Is this anything like NCAA rules where Yorktown could release him and he would keep his eligibility?
  15. Ahh - but there are 8 wrestlers on the cover... I thought the one with Red's leg was supposed to be Nick Lee
  16. Isn't someone missing from the "Conglomeration of Studs" photo (FYI I like the cartoony look)
  17. East Chicago Central's gym hold even more than Michigan City's
  18. 11 ranked guys and over 1/2 of them coming back next year is pretty good. Lots of other good young talent that could move into the rankings as well. We could be on an upswing - It will have to be seen if this batch's success carries over into college. I do believe this year we had the least number of senior state champions in history - the future looks bright
  19. The post about Streck got me thinking. If he places next year he will be a 4x placer (fairly rare company) and all at heavy weight. Has anyone in Indiana ever placed at state all 4 years at the same weight?
  20. Streck is pretty amazing. He placed as a Freshman at HWT - will (most likely) be a 4x placer (7,3,1,?). Great national accolades. I see him ending up as the greatest IN HWT.
  21. Exactly, and guys like Howe and Tsirtsis did not -- all are tremendous champions and continue to be great ambassadors of IN wrestling.
  22. He does not need to act like he has been there before...He has been there before. However he chooses to act is how a champion acts because he is one. I for one am glad he represents Indiana wrestling.
  23. You seem to have access to some great archives. How long has the State finals format been a 16 man format? I am pretty sure it used to be a 4 man and an 8 man format. Were the 4 pin champs from the 30s all in the same tournament? I am trying to see where the interviewer came up with the stat that Cash was the 4th.
  24. Except Miles Nilson was lighter 29 years ago... Still very cool
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