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  1. When used as a verb, the word "retard" is appropriate and not offensive. See this article, which references major newspapers and publications which have used the word properly. https://grammarist.com/usage/retard/. I have not read the document which used the word here, so I won't comment on this particular usage; I'm just saying there is a perfectly appropriate and non-offensive way to use the word "retard". To suggest that the word must be banned in all forms is political correctness gone amok.
  2. Would this be something either the IHSAA or indianamat would be interested in? It would be a very fan friendly addition to the programs. I know it would take both entities to agree. Has this been suggested before?
  3. 1. Who will win the team title? It looks like Cathedral has as good of a chance as any team. 2. Does anyone else see this as an indictment of the way the IHSAA awards the team state trophy, since Cathedral did not even win its sectional or regional? This is not a knock on Cathedral, so don't hate on me Cathedral people, but I am just proposing a discussion on whether there is a better way to award the team trophy. Obviously, I think the best way is by a dual tournament like they used to do, but since that is no longer an option, is there some other format that would be more likely to award the actual best team? Could we add the points from all 4 rounds of the state tournament series? Just a thought.
  4. Everyone knows the brackets get released on Sunday. That's how it's always been. I'm sure whoever released the formula at merrillville did not have the authority to do so. Whoever posted the brackets last night should have realized that and not posted them, and instead should have waited until Sunday for the ihsaa to officially release them.
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