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  1. Mine is dish. It's says indiana wrestling on 412-38
  2. I may be wrong abouy this by im pretty sure KV has a huge gym, but it's in the middle of nowhere. I think St Joseph's might be a reasonable idea but Valpo U would be the most ideal, IMO.
  3. VENUE is horrible. Although they seem to run a great tournament, that place is no place for a semi-state. Why is it still there??? What would it take to change it?
  4. I had a great view of this Wrestling Scholar. I had no horses in that race and I agree with you 100% Owen's shoulders were blocked from touching the mat due to resting against Pruit. If any thing that ref took extra long in calling the pin.
  5. Yeah I think it could have went either way with Fritz or Garpow. Both impressive.
  6. Congratulations North White Vikings for winning, in impressive fashion, the last ever Midwest Conference Championship. Special Congratulations to Coach of the Year, Jerry Holeman for leading his team to the trophy.
  7. Agree with you both. And for bias reasons, my money is on North White.
  8. Looks good. I noticed at 195lbs you have a trevor brown from Harrison. Harrisons trevor brown is 120lbs. Twin Lakes has a trevor brown at 195lb.
  9. Anyone know any details about the Crawfordsville invite this weekend? Teams? Format?
  10. I put some team standings under the battle of the Tippy thread. I don't have every result but if you are looking for a specific result feel free to ask. I will do my best. I'm a NW parent so I focus mostly on our guys.
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