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  1. Eastern Greentown has two sets of brothers at Ft Wayne Semi State. Tytus and Tallan Morrisett and Brady and Brodie Porter
  2. Fishingbasket

    50th Goshen Invitational

  3. Regarding question #2, the time frame you give would not allow by the rule of 1.5% a week to achieve the desired weight. It's not a suggestion, these are the guidelines were all supposed to adhere to. In talking with several coaches around State, I think the weight management plan is extremely misunderstood. Also you are correct that if you consider bumping a guy up for a competition, you definitely have to pay attention to their weight to not get to big for their normal weight or they must work down again. Hope this helps
  4. Sectional participants must have 6 qualifying weigh ins prior to the seeding meeting for sectionals. One must be scratch weight
  5. Eastern (Greentown)
  6. 220 at state in 2015-2016 was decent
  7. Eastern Greentown just sent you a roster.
  8. Eastern (Greentown)
  9. Great Write up, Thanks for your hardwork. See you Saturday
  10. The HHC Conference meet paperwork has 113 Bryan Ayala Rossville as a Sophomore 138 Jacob Butcher Rossville as a Freshman and 195 Brice Lawerence Rossville as a Junior
  11. Eastern Greentown lost once to Hamilton Heights on 1-7-17 Results still showing twice Dual record is 15-3
  12. Eastern (Greentown)
  13. Eastern (Greentown)
  14. Eastern (Greentown)
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