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  1. Can someone please clarify the third bullet from the ISWA website? I have an updated background check and 2017 USAW Coaching membership. I also took ISWA State Friday night coaching clinic a few years ago and have a Copper card. Do I need to retake the Copper course online to have it on file with USAW to coach my son at State? Thanks. ---- 1. Background Check through TCLogic/USAW Membership 2. 2017 USAW Coaches Membership 3. Minimum Copper Coaches Certification on file on their 2017 USAW Coaches Card. The coaches card that was accepted in years past will not be accepted for a floor pass any longer. In order to receive a coaches wristband this year a new procedure is in place. ----
  2. After getting throttled to the mat he gets up with a shake of the head and smile. Loved it. I became a fan right there.
  3. That horse is thoroughbred... Not much separation between about 5 or 6 of them in that class.
  4. I'm a little surprised I haven't seen a whole lot of props for Alec White. He battled his way through a nagging cut at Semi-State, and then ran through a pretty outstanding gauntlet at State. Quite a two-week effort. I know state is littered with storylines and tough runs, but he put a good one together (and yes, yes, the big boy match was tremendous entertaining too). He trains in #TheCounty, so come on. Just saying...
  5. ...and the guy is third ranked in the country (Flo & Intermat). You said it 'soooo close!'
  6. If today is any indication C Red will be well rested for the Lee match up. Three matches in a total of 32 seconds.
  7. Don't confuse possibility with probability.
  8. Great point and I completely agree. Let me clarify. We do both during the season and we wouldn't give up the local club for anything, but if you want your son or daughter to compete with the best it's absolutely necessary to get them into an academy (at some point). FWIW we like to associate with our club
  9. I have to agree. The academies are the way to go. There are lots of little guys just learning the sport. Don't get me wrong, the stallions are there just don't think everyone is a 8 time triple crown winner. In Indianapolis you have the aforementioned Contenders, CIA (Eppert), Pride/Sparta? (Hull), Red Cobra (Red), Outlaws (Bailey). I haven't had my son at Contenders, but I don't think anyone questions their results. As far as the others, they all teach a little differently, but each one is very, very good...you can't really go wrong. Check them all out...you get a free day, so why not
  10. Randy May and one of the Center Grove Gaskins brothers (Tom?) was one of, if not, the best HS matches I have ever witnessed. I think it was May's Senior year at the Semi-State. If I recall correctly Gaskins was the only one to challenge May in the tourney that year. He ended up with May early and didn't move on. Smith was one heck of a wrestler, but I believe it was a pretty lopsided final.
  11. I agree with the others sentiments: academics over athletics, but that 'might not' be the best question. How strong academically is the first school compared to the second? Does the first school have other strong programs that are compatable/similar? How strong is the student's commitment to the degree program? Students change programs very frequently. Often they change to similar programs, but in other cases they move in a completely different direction. If your student has a 4.35 HS GPA and has always wanted to be a Physician that's one thing, but if he is a good solid student that over the years has given thought to multiple career paths maybe a specific degree program isn't the end all be all. Not that you don't know this, but there is more to chosing a school than athletics or degree program (academic quality, the make up of the faculty, staff, & students, fit/feel, support services, facilities, location, size, etc.). If the schools are otherwise a toss up then, like someone said, it is a no brainer.
  12. He's been on fire since the first round of New Castle...
  13. Nicely done gentleman. Three hundred plus wrestlers, lots of tough kids, solid officials, nice awards, and best of all out by 2P...can't beat it. Now if I could just get Miller's kid to quit pinning mine...
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