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Everything posted by gsmith58

  1. Good stuff. One could make a case that the absolute number is at least as important as the percentage.
  2. Darn impressive. That said, it appears Mr. Cottey has opened up a gap. Better step up.😉
  3. If it came up heads 49 straight times, the more "probable" conclusion is that it's rigged. Under that scenario maybe you will get Ruhlman and Sollars.😁
  4. Is that so? How much? I have it on good authority, you need to be at least 110 when the season begins 🙂 Trust me on this one.
  5. Yeah, but it's usually in the other direction. And don't we know....
  6. Luke Goodwin over #17 Sam Slivka 7-1 and #2 Matt Koontz 4-1.
  7. I'm curious. Are you webscraping, have access to the underlying database, or doing this manually. Whatever you're doing it's it's appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.
  8. Ha! That is always a distinct possibility.
  9. Apparently you haven't been reading the other threads 😀
  10. Lord, don't make us wrestle Cathedral too...
  11. Shush! Don't you have something to do over at the Middle School Predictions thread?
  12. Me too. I mistakenly thought the IHSAA only calculated In-State results. I learned something today.
  13. How effective and used are the academies up there? I know there are some up there, but down here in Indy I don't hear much about them (Outside of Outlaws at Huntington). Are there any comparable to CIA, Red Cobra, Contenders, Region, or Maurer Coughlin?
  14. Just guessing, but what about: That one kid from Crown Point, Bryce Lowery, Logan Miller (in State), Elijah Anthony, Blake Wolf, Ray Rioux (in State), Ben Dalton, Gavin Alstott (in State)
  15. Nope. Makes it hard, but it's better than nothing.
  16. What do you mean? It was a perfectly legal (in the wrestling sense) blast double 😉 I couldn't tell if he got back points.
  17. I'd factor in Ty Linser and Tony Woods in there somewhere.
  18. It's' going to be so good that someone will post in Camps & Clinics.
  19. ...and approximately 258 slide-bys along the way. And as big as Trawick was can you really call anything a upset. I remember him tossing Ridle like he was a rag-doll. Parris, well...does Parris like things.
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