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Everything posted by gsmith58

  1. I think that's probably spot on.
  2. Yep. And that's how it happens. I guess I don't necessarily blame them; they are playing within the rules allowed. This should be taken care of by the organization. On the surface, it does not appear it should be that difficult to sort out. Why can't the BL staff prevent it? Why can't schools have a designated number of seats? Why can't there be pricing differentials?
  3. I think that was just for you. You're on their watch list 😉
  4. Watching on TV you couldn't see which coach it was until after the jump. I thought oh heck, someone is going to get killed.
  5. I spend most week nights at a couple of academies. I can say this without doubt, the State Finals are loaded with those kids. It would be interesting to know what percentage of the kids at the State Finals have attended an academy at least three years. I would "guess" it's at least 60% (and probably higher). Add in the the higher level programs that run the equivalent in their own rooms (and may augment with the academies) and so you have New Castle (CIA, Cobra, Contenders), Evansville (Cobra, Contenders, Mauer/Coughlin), and East Chicago (Region). I don't believe Ft. Wayne has the equivalent locally (although they certainly have some CIA and perhaps Region kids). Years ago at the youth level I recognized there were four type of kids: 1) beginner, 2) ISWA novice, 3) ISWA experienced, and 4) Academy. You can see before they even wrestle.
  6. It's very annoying, particularly when they start blocking aisles and putting up tape. I certainly don't mind folks saving a couple of seats for friends, but it's currently ridiculous. It shouldn't be that hard to find a solution. And, I know from experience getting in the line first and waiting for hours on end is no guarantee. Get there first, wait in line patiently while others push in and around and past you, hustle to a section and then have someone quip "this section is already taken." Not that I listen...but it does raise my temperature a bit.
  7. I think the top three are all pretty close. Measuring champs is one of a hundred different metrics and probably not the best.
  8. I don't know, but being from Southport, I wouldn't mind if you took them. Heck take Perry too...😉
  9. Let's put a hold on that Semi-State trophy. New Castle: Cottey, Seltzer, Lowery, Viduya, Allread, Parsons (6) Evansville: Miller, Boarman, Kervin, Dickens, Deters (5) East Chicago: Mendez, Walker, Bates (3) Ft. Wayne: (0)
  10. Preston has become the new "Where's Waldo."
  11. Good stuff. One could make a case that the absolute number is at least as important as the percentage.
  12. Darn impressive. That said, it appears Mr. Cottey has opened up a gap. Better step up.😉
  13. If it came up heads 49 straight times, the more "probable" conclusion is that it's rigged. Under that scenario maybe you will get Ruhlman and Sollars.😁
  14. Is that so? How much? I have it on good authority, you need to be at least 110 when the season begins 🙂 Trust me on this one.
  15. Yeah, but it's usually in the other direction. And don't we know....
  16. Luke Goodwin over #17 Sam Slivka 7-1 and #2 Matt Koontz 4-1.
  17. I'm curious. Are you webscraping, have access to the underlying database, or doing this manually. Whatever you're doing it's it's appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.
  18. Ha! That is always a distinct possibility.
  19. Apparently you haven't been reading the other threads 😀
  20. Lord, don't make us wrestle Cathedral too...
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