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  1. I’m still hard at work picking my team, I plan on submitting my picks today around, say, 5:30 pm. Is this acceptable.
  2. That’s what prompted the question. Baumann, although a solid wrestler, is not at Ross’ caliber. I was hoping Ross would be ready.
  3. Thanks, I tried to look at the brackets, but I was apparently too late and was subsequently denied the privileged early sneak peek.
  4. Is anyone familiar with Mater Dei’s Cole Ross situation as the state tournament inches closer? It goes without say I’m not interested in any in depth medical information. I’ve just noticed he hasn’t competed since the Holiday Classic after being slammed on his head/neck? Possible concussion? More serious? Is he competing in the state series?
  5. Things got a little chippy in a few matches which is a bit expected when you have two top 5 teams going at it. A few extra curriculars that were unnecessary from both teams but I think the official and both coaches did a great job keeping the boys squared away. I loved seeing Perry’s coach make the 195er go back and give Coach Shaefer a proper hand shake. Class acts on both sides. Great for Indiana wrestling. We need more dual meets like this throughout the year.
  6. So if Track would’ve charged $100 and had a crap feed you would be mad then? What price would be acceptable for you to have a bad feed?
  7. Oh I get it now, so I pay the neighborhood boy $10 to cut my grass and it’s ok if he only cuts the front because, well, haha, it’s only $10. You should have cut it yourself sucker.
  8. Didn’t watch the feed last year...how was it?
  9. I find it absurd that people on this thread find it acceptable for wrestling fans to pay money (the price is irrelevant) for a horrible feed. The feed I’ve been watching since this morning should have been free for those of you making jokes about everything being free. I have no problem paying money for a feed that works. I don’t think anyone is asking for a 4K feed, just a feed that allows me to continuously watch without have to refresh my browser and watch half mats.
  10. Im watching on Track and went back to the replay. :08 seconds was correct for the out of bounds call. With :01 second left they could have easily called the takedown.
  11. Was that your attempt at a jab at southern Indiana?
  12. Let's pump the breaks on kids getting "cheated." It was a missed call but there were many of them as refs are human. With that being said, I'm not sure I've ever seen as many near fall calls from refs while they were standing.
  13. 1prouddad....As a MD alum and fan, I would love to agree with you about your statement but Luigs was pinned. Yes he bridged his way out of bounds but when he wasn't bridging he was clearly pinned. I'm glad he won, but he shouldn't have. I hope he brings his A game next week and finishes his career with a state championship.
  14. He graduated early from HS. He can now wrestle college open tournaments unattached which will prepare him better for next year as a true freshman or redshirt freshman for PSU.
  15. I do like some of the new rules put in place such as the 5 second leg stall but it almost seems like they've muddied the water with what a simple takedown is.......almost the way the NFL has implemented so many rules that no one knows what a catch is anymore when Micic and Clarke were in the north/south position and Clarke was on his back the reversal should've been called. Reaching through and grabbing an ankle should not have been enough to prevent "control."
  16. He's performing well against top talent, he just just needs to pull out a few big wins. St Louis would be a great place to do that. As well as he is doing as a RS Freshman I can see several All Americans in his future.
  17. And they even reviewed it. I don't know that I ever recall them overturning a call but that was a perfect candidate for an overturn.
  18. I don't know if anyone else is watching but I am baffled Micic wasn't given 2 points on that scramble. As free as collegiate referees are with giving takedowns I cannot believe Clark is completely on his back without Micic getting the 2 pt reversal.
  19. That seems to happen when you get out of position and thrown to your back. I can't believe it, I'm never wrong. Haha.
  20. I'll also take Matt Lee over Alec White. I believe Lee has a bigger gas tank and he will keep it close throughout.
  21. I'm guessing most matches went the way they were expected to go. Today was one of the most laid back Evansville SS I've ever attended. Outside of maybe 2 or 3 matches, there was little more than clapping. Zero chanting! It was an eerily calm atmosphere. I figure everyone is saving it for Bankers next weekend. Hopefully.
  22. MD had 10 in 02-03. 103 Brian Bittner 112 Bryan Williams 125 Craig Macke 130 Matt Coughlin 135 Aaron Scott 145 Craig Weinzapfel 152 Dustin Nosko 160 Sam Wildeman 171 Blake Maurer 215 Thomas Unfried Try this link for 02-03 results: http://www.ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/03WrYearbook.pdf
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