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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed many times before but I need some guidance.  In the past, for the first part of the season we have typically allowed kids to wrestle below their certified weight on a particular date and just not counted it as a certified weigh-in.  I've checked with several other coaches during that time and they all have managed the weights the same way.  However, after reading the rules below, I don't believe this is right.  My problem is that none of these rules read the same as the others.  An average weight loss of 1 1/2% per week is different than never losing more than 1 1/2% per week just as "may" and "should" do not mean the same thing.


    My question is, are wrestle ever allowed to wrestle below their minimum weight for a given date? If not, who should monitor this?


    Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.



    The 2013-2014 IHSAA Wrestling Weigh-in Regulations (this is the most current form on IHSAA.org) states that:

    "A coach may enter his wrestler in the IHSAA tournament series in any weight class that wrestler may be eligible for provided that wrestler has adhered to their individual weight management program that states a wrestler may never lose more than 1 1/2% of their body weight per week."


    The 2014-2015 IHSAA Individual Wrestler Weigh-in Record (again, most current version on IHSAA.org) states that:

    "As per rule 1-3-2 of the NFHS Wrestling Rule Book, state associations that have hydration and body-fat testing along with a program to monitor an average weight loss of 1 1/2% a week, with descent, may use the minimum weight determined by the body-fat testing as the lowest weight a wrestler may wrestle during the state series instead of at least 1/2 of their weigh-ins during the season as stated in Rule 1-3-2 b." 


    In this years rule book, Rule 4 article 8 states:

    "Any contestant failing to make weight during the weigh-in period shall be ineligible for that weight class.  That contestant may wrestle in the weight class for which their actual weight qualifies the contestant, or in the next higher weight class as long as either of these weight classes are permitted by the contestant's individual weight loss plan on that given date.  An additional weigh-in is neither required or allowed." 


    The 2015-2016 winter bulletin states:

    Page 65  #(5) "Wrestlers should not wrestle below their established 1 1/2% weekly weight loss figure at any time as determined by the IHSAA weight loss plan created for each wrestler whose data has been entered by the school official responsible for such submission.  Schools may calculate a daily weight loss figure by taking... "


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