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  1. PirateDad


    113-Rose should be at conference 120-Wells was sick he'll be at conference 126-Bartosz most likely done for the year won't be at conference 145-Collins Doctors appt. will be at conference
  2. PirateDad


    Greensburg in the house!! Jesster I think your right on, we got FC Wed. night so I'll save my 2 cents for after that.
  3. A list of schools would be nice.
  4. Way to admit that guilt Coach Nieman! And to follow suit with busco's post, since Greensburg is the "Tree City" how bout a change in mascot.
  5. old school 2, You posted an opinion not a fact. Then when someone shares compiled data/fact, you say it means nothing and then share another opinion. Are you sure your not trying to piss someone off?
  6. Butz moves on @ 126 Cain moves on @ 220
  7. Thoughts and Prayers go out from Greensburg
  8. Congrats Brock! Right on Mattyb, I think he could be a great coach if he chooses that road. He was a great workout partner for my son this summer over at IPWA,really kind of took him under his wing and it help him tremendously,thanks Brock! And it pretty cool he'll be wrestling in my hometown of DeKalb, IL. So you can bet Zack and I will be coming to see you. God bless you, Brock!
  9. Prayers coming from Greensburg.
  10. PirateDad


    Greensburg went 4-1 at Delta. Wells and Bartosz go 5-0, Butz, Michalski, Cain, and Hayes all go 4-1. I think we will be pretty solid,had some different guys in at a few weight classes. Delta and SD looked good. Was a great day of wrestling! EC on Tuesday
  11. PirateDad


    Did not know about Rueberg, hate to hear that, great wrestler. Prayers will be going out. Hope all your guys get healthy and back on the mat soon. Loos, good kid one of my favorites to watch. Parris, what can I say, it's going to be an exciting next 4 years watching him take it to the mat and turning heads to our corner of state. We should be very competitive still trying to figure out a few weight classes. All the returning guys are pretty solid but still tough to replace 5 leading seniors. Butz should be very strong at 26. Great kid, very hard worker! Haven't heard much about EC. Negengard always solid and I believe they have a pretty descent freshman Gabe Lane. I think he's about 120. SD is stacked pretty much top to bottom, should get a look at them Sat. @Delta duals. Michael Deal, Batesville is out 6-9 months. Just talked to his dad last nite, Michael dislocated his elbow at Milan 6-way and when he did he chipped the bone. Had surgery yesterday, Chris said it went very well. Tbh it really sucks, I know them well. Michaels a great kid and even better wrestler who really put the work in to get better this summer. And I was really looking forward to watching him take that work to the mat, so please send prayers for healthy,speedy recovery.
  12. PirateDad


    Next Tuesday Greensburg@ East Central I agree SD and FC are probably the favorites right now, but there is a lot of wrestling till Conference.
  13. From Greensburg, Sophomore Zack Bartosz-113 had a good freshman season, missing SS by a 2-3 decision. Kid has been putting the work in to make some noise.
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