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  1. This was about the two wrestlers on the mat not the parents/coach. Congrats to Chad Red and I don't blame him for being excited. The "Kid" just won his fourth state title and just completed an undefeated High School career. On top of that he beat an exceptionally good wrestler in front of a crowd that seemed to want him to lose. Sometimes I think we forget these are high school students and not grown men. Nick Lee will still have a outstanding career and I look forward to seeing these two on the mat competing against each other in college.
  2. I don't post very often on this board. To be honest I don't post at all but I follow it religiously just like I follow High School wrestling in Indiana. It amazes me how quickly people want to overlook the accomplishments of Red. He has nothing to prove to anyone and has beaten everyone that has stepped on the mat to face in High School and on the national stage (minus a few hiccups). I take nothing away from Lee (who is an outstanding wrestler on the High School stage and nationally in his own right) but Red is ranked the number 1 wrestler in his weight class not only in the state but the nation for a reason. I heard the same thing a few years ago when Micic and Lee were in the same weight class, "Micic is going to get beat by Lee" Yet it didn't happen! Now a few are underestimating another good wrestler in a similar scenario in Chad Red. Let this unfold on the mat I promise you the best wrestler will come out on top that day. Both are outstanding wrestlers and deserve the high expectations that are bestowed upon them. If this match does take place I look forward to it. But neither wrestler has anything to prove to any of us.
  3. Its not a big deal in my opinion at all and not disrespectful at all. Good on portage for looking to battle the best.
  4. When it comes to booing people loss sight of the fact that these are "youn"g men and not professional atheletes. They are not getting paid to provide you with entertainment!! They are not doing this because the pay is good. Its done for the love of the sport and for those of you who resorted to booing please ask yourself how would you feel if it was your son/daughter or a child from your school receiving this unwanted attention. I'm pretty sure you would running to their defense!
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