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  1. Falcons

    Harrison (WL) vs. Frontier

    Harrison (WL)
  2. So the Winter Bulletin says team scoring shall be decided according to Rule 9, yet Rule 9 doesn't mention changing the scoring at the Regional and Semi-State level. So as Matt so nicely summarized; is it lack of communication (re-vote / no memo) or apathy (changed it and don't follow their own rules)? 2018 - 2019 IHSAA Winter Bulletin "VII Scoring Individual and team scoring shall be decided according to Rule 9 in the current Wrestling Rules. Six places shall be awarded at the sectional. Team scoring in the sectional shall begin at the quarter‐finals level and not be
  3. Does anyone know why the team scoring at the semi-state level was changed from last year? 2017-2018: Round of 16 win by fall (+2), TF (+1.5), MD (+1), etc... 2018-2019: Round of 16 win by fall (+0), TF (+0), MD (+0), etc... Was an announcement made that I missed? Thanks
  4. Falcons

    Frontier vs. Caston

  5. Falcons

    Rossville vs. Frontier

  6. Falcons

    Delphi vs. Frontier

  7. Falcons

    Logansport vs. Frontier

  8. Falcons

    North Newton vs. Frontier

    North Newton
  9. Hammond Morton
  10. Falcons

    North White vs. Frontier

    North White
  11. Falcons

    South Newton vs. Frontier

    South Newton
  12. Falcons

    Frontier vs. Triton

  13. Falcons

    Frontier vs. Caston

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