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    800lbs Gorilla Mama got a reaction from warsawwrestling in Picture of the Indiana West Point Wrestlers   
    Hunt, Harvey, McCormick, Laughlin and Larson. All 4 wrestled in the Patriot Open at George Mason University on 12-7. 

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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: Ersland Adds Leroy Vega to the Purdue staff   
    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue head coach Tony Ersland rounded out his coaching staff Monday, naming Leroy Vega as his volunteer assistant coach for the 2019-20 season. A three-time NCAA All-American, Vega will work primarily with the lower weight classes. 
    Vega's name is widely known on the Indiana high school wrestling scene, from his days on the mat and to most recently, his days in the corner. He joins the Purdue staff after eight years as the head coach at his alma mater, Portage High School, in northwest Indiana. During his span as head coach, Vega had 41 Indiana High School Athletic Association state tournament qualifiers, with 10 appearing in the finals and three Portage wrestlers claiming an individual title. In 2015, the Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association named Vega its coach of the year.
    As a prep at Portage, Vega was a two-time state champion in 1996 and 1997. His success translated on the international scene as well. In 1998, Vega placed ninth at 60 kg the UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Championships. The following year, competing at 54 kg in freestyle, he placed seventh at the world championships.
    Vega wrestled collegiately at Minnesota from 1999 to 2002 and scattered his name throughout the legendary program. Individually, Vega earned All-America honors three times at 125 pounds and captured the Big Ten Conference 125-pound title in 2002. His performances helped the Gophers win three Big Ten team titles and back-to-back NCAA team titles in 2001 and 2002.
    Vega tallied a career record of 135-26, with his 135 wins ranking fifth all-time at Minnesota and his .839 winning percentage ranking 17th. He owned a career dual record of 65-14, with the 65 wins tied for seventh on the Gophers' individual dual wins list.
    Prior to his head coaching appointment at Portage, Vega was named the inaugural head coach at Calumet College of St. Joseph in Whiting, Indiana, with the birth of the program in 2008. He was at the helm through the 2009-10 season before returning to his roots in Portage.
    Vega earned his Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and teaching from Minnesota in 2002. He and his wife, Sarah, have two daughters, LillyAnna and Lilah, and a son, Lydon.

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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to bigballerb in Top 3 Kids at Each Weight   
    106- 1. Sam Goin 2. Logan Miller 3. O’campo/ Hooper
    113- KT, Cottey, Diaz
    120- zeke, bettich, DP3
    126- Littell, Lowery, Montgomery 
    132- Rioux, Boarman, Lowery
    138- Mendez, Bailey, Campbell 
    145- Viduya, Reynolds, douglass 
    152- Rodgers, Coleman, bryer 
    160-Noehre, Dickens, Deters
    170- Calhoun, Walker, Fielden 
    182- Laplace, Winner, Parkinson 
    195- Silas, bates, JD Farrell
    220- Irick, Webster, Cale gray/ erb 
    285- Gentry, Keys, Devault 
    My picks🤷🏽‍♂️
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama got a reaction from warsawwrestling in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    We had a very good team in 2017 that beat a very good Illinois team
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to wrestlenewbie in Purdue Year 5 under Ersland   
    I have no opinion on the job the Purdue coach is doing, but from a pure math/logic standpoint I am not enamored with your analysis. Wrestling to seed just means the seeding committee accurately assessed their ability, not that they had a good performance. The contra argument would be that their seeds were too low and the coach has the ability to impact that. With 7 of 10 wrestlers in the bottom half of the bracket wrestling to seed seems a minimum standard.
    Using a plus/minus analysis it looks like they actually wrestled to one spot below their overall seed.
    125: +1
    133: 0
    141: 0
    149: 0
    157: 0
    165: 0
    174: -2
    184: +1
    195: -2
    285: +1
    Total: -1
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to Mattyb in Conferences Merging   
    We found out about this during the recruiting process. Carson was about a day away from signing with Hofstra in the EIWA which has the second most ncaa bids behind the big ten. He took a last minute visit to Ohio, loved the school and the coaches. We loved the fact that it was fairly close. Throw in the fact that the MAC was about to become a power conference!!!! We were sold. Should be a great conference. I think it should be similar to the EIWA in overall strength. 
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to bergwrestler in Impressive Overall State Records from C/o 2019   
    Class of 2019
    Impressive Overall State Records
    Asa Garcia 15-1
    2019 1st at 132lbs
    2018 1st at 126lbs
    2017 3rd at 113lbs
    2016 1st at 106lbs
    Jordan Slivka 14-2
    2019 1st at 160lbs
    2018 1st at 145lbs
    2017 5th at 126lbs
    2016 3rd at 113lbs
    Brayden Curtis 12-4
    2019 4th at 126lbs
    2018 1st at 113lbs
    2017 1st at 106lbs
    2016 7th at 106lbs
    Hunter Watts 12-4
    2019 3rd at 126lbs
    2018 1st at 120lbs
    2017 2nd at 113lbs
    2016 6th at 106lbs
    Cayden Rooks 11-1
    2019 1st at 138lbs
    2018 2nd at 126lbs
    2017 1st at 120lbs
    Nick South 8-0
    2019 1st at 170lbs
    2018 1st at 160lbs
    Jacob Moran 9-3 ( IMO this would likely be 13-3 if he didn't lose eligibility in the 2017 season).
    2019 1st at 113lbs
    2018 1st at 106lbs
    2016 8th at 106lbs

    Did I miss anyone?
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to grappleapple in The 2019 top semistate was...   
    It always interests me to see how the semistates stack up to one another. This might have already been covered, but I didn't see it. Here's my breakdown. Each 1st place finisher gets 8 points, 2nd gets 7 and on down to 8th place (8th place earning a point).
    Evansville claims this year's top honor. They had a whopping seven champions, four 2nds, four 3rds, five 5ths, four 6ths, two 7ths and four 8ths  for a total of 173 points.
    New Castle comes in second with three champions, five 2nds, six 3rds, four 4ths, two 5ths, three 6ths, five 7ths and three 8ths. They had a total of 145 points.
    East Chicago is third with 114 total points. They had four champs, four 2nds, two 3rds, two 4ths, four 5ths, four 6ths, one 7th and two 8ths.
    New Haven (Ft. Wayne) finished with 72 points. No champions, one 2nd, two 3rds, three 4ths, 5ths and 6ths, six 7ths and five 8ths.
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: 2019 IndianaMat Award Winners   
    Here are all the past winners
    1A Coach
    2015- Tony Currie
    2016- Brett Smith
    2017- Gary Black
    2018- Chuck Fleshman
    1A Wrestler
    2015- Sawyer Miller
    2016- Evan Ellis
    2017- Eli Stock
    2018- Noah Cressell
    2A Coach
    2015- Trent McCormick
    2016- Mark Kerrn
    2017- Trent McCormick
    2018- Frank Bumgardner
    2A Wrestler
    2015- Brock Hudkins
    2016- Brock Hudkins
    2017- Mason Parris
    2018- Brayden Curtis
    3A Coach
    2015- Brad Harper
    2016- Darrick Snyder
    2017- Chris Johl
    2018- Matt Schoettle
    3A Wrestler
    2015- Chad Red
    2016- Blake Rypel
    2017- Joe Lee
    2018- Asa Garcia
    Mr. Gorilla
    2015- Tommy Forte
    2016- Chad Red
    2017- Andrew Davison
    2018- Brayton Lee and Mason Parris
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: 2019 IndianaMat Award Winners   
    Wrestlers of the Year
    1A- Silas Allred of Shenandoah
    2A- AJ Fowler of Calumet
    3A- Jordan Slivka of Cathedral
    Coaches of the Year
    1A- Tony Currie of Adams Central
    2A- Chad Shepherd of Western
    3A- Sean McGinley of Cathedral
    Mr. Gorilla
    Asa Garcia of Avon
    1st Runner-up Nick South of Columbus East
    2nd Runner-up Cayden Rooks of Columbus East

    View full article
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to Academy in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    Here we go again!  Our top two seniors in each weight will be joining an elite group of Indiana's best to square off with Illinois top two seniors.  Here is a short list of the best our state has to offer that has wrestled in this prestigious event in the past:
    Mason Parris Lawrsenceburg, Lucas Davison Chesterton, Andrew Davison Chesterton, Kris Rumph Portage, Gleason Mappes Center Grove, Christian Hunt Yorktown, Zach Melloh Cathedral, Kennie Kerrn Jimtown, Christian Mejia Elkhart Memorial, Breyden Bailey Cathedral, Kyle Hatch Warsaw, Connor Graber Northridge, Jacob McClaine Lebanon, Alec White New Pal, Michael Delapena Merrillville, Kyle Luigs Mater Dei, Brendan Black Hobart, Ryan Surguy Shenandoah, Jordan Radar Peru, Tristan Sellmer Floyd Central, Jose Diaz Wheeler, Jalen Comer Mooresville, Jabin Wright Kokomo, Garrison Lee Monrovia, Gunnar Larson Avon, Thomas Dull Terre Haute North, Jacob Grey Delta, Kain Rust Perry, Jason Crary Munster, Sunny Nier Perry, Kory Cavanaugh Penn, Skyour Turner Warren Central, JC Herring Oak Hill, Logan Stephenson Terre haute, Robert Samuels Lawrence North, Evan Ellis Eastern, Liam Jagow Westfield, Tanner Webster North Montgomery, Eli Stock Monrovia, Alston Bane Richmond, Brad Laughlin Yorktown, Trey McCartney Harrison WL, Zach Todd Yorktown, Fernando Flores Goshen, Carter Noehre Greenfield Central, Noah Lamore Crown Point, Jack Eiteljore Carmel, Jamari Washington Hammond, Sam Hansen Roncalli, Brandon Streck Merrillville, Jacob McClaine Lebanon, Donald Crider Harrison WL, etc.
    Blake Rypel Cathedral, Drew Hughes Lowell, Gaige Torres Portage, Brock Hudkins Danville, Blake Glogoiuski Fairfield, Drew Hildebrant Penn, Alex Grino Southmont, Jordan Vaughn Franklin Central, Geoffrey Davis FW Wayne, Austin Slates Penn, Daniel Brookbank Perry, Drake Rhodes Homestead, Evan Eldred Westfield, Daylan Schurg Crown Point, Isaac Eicher Leo, Steven Lawrence Portage, Andrew Herrin Jennings County, Cayden Whitaker Martinsville, Sam Bublick Carmel, Hunter Mote Delphi, Cameron Jones Lawrence North, Luke Elliot Eastbrook, Jake Kleimola Lake Central, Sam Hipple Carmel, Kobe Woods Penn, Sean Galligar Columbus East, Cory Klem Gibson Southern.
    I may have missed a few names by accident.  As you can see, Indiana knows how to represent!  
    If you know one of the top two seniors that finished in each weight class at this years state finals, please have them contact Matt Behling at matthew.behling@culver.org 
    More info to follow!
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to Bulldog89 in NAIA National Qualifiers with Indiana ties   
    DIII Regionals is this Friday/Saturday at WabashCollege!!  Hopefully more Indiana boys to qualify!!
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to Y2CJ41 in NAIA National Qualifiers with Indiana ties   
    Calumet (Ind.) 285 Nick Fowler  
    Campbellsvile (Ky.) 184 Aaron Mosely  
    Campbellsvile (Ky.) 285 Ashton Mutuwa  
    Cumberland (Tenn.) 174 Nathan Walton 
    Cumberlands (Ky.) 125 Hayden Lee 
    Cumberlands (Ky.) 174 Jarod Swank 
    Grand View (Iowa) 157 Steven Lawrence  
    Indiana Tech 125 Sawyer Miller  
    Indiana Tech 133 Erique Early  
    Indiana Tech 141 Gaige Torres  
    Indiana Tech 149 Robert Humphrey  
    Indiana Tech 149 Justin Atkinson  
    Indiana Tech 157 Mason Gaines  
    Indiana Tech 157 John Watkins 
    Indiana Tech 165 Jacob Gross  
    Indiana Tech 174 Jake Weimer  
    Indiana Tech 174 Eric Vermillion  
    Indiana Tech 184 Josue Hill  
    Indiana Tech 197 Oscar Martinez 
    Marian (Ind.) 125 Chris Sharp  
    Marian (Ind.) 133 Brandon James  
    Marian (Ind.) 141 Mason Miranda  
    Marian (Ind.) 149 Bailey Moore  
    Marian (Ind.) 149 Logan Hurley  
    Marian (Ind.) 157 Brett Johnson  
    Marian (Ind.) 174 Jack Servies  
    Marian (Ind.) 184 Sam Osho  
    Marian (Ind.) 285 Ethan Bunce  
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to SIACfan in State Finals Breakdown by SS   
    It had to be done. Please, if anyone sees any errors speak up.
              EvSS     NCSS     ECSS     FWSS
    1st        7              3            4             0
    2nd       4              5            4             1
    3rd        4              6            2             2
    4th        5              3            3             3
    5th        5              2            4             3
    6th        3              4            4             3
    7th        2              5            1             6
    8th        3              4            2             5 
    totals    33            32          24           23
    Evansville had the most champs, the most finalists & the most overall placers. Additionally, 4 of the top 5 team scores were from Evansville (Avon, BB, MD & CE), which is no coincidence as to why they lead the individual categories.
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to QuinnHarris in Which school will Shine under the lights with the most wrestlers in the finals   
    Avon should have 2 or 3 in the finals
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama got a reaction from RaiderColfax in State Champions   
    106 - Cottey PM
    113 - Moran P
    120 - Littel CG
    126 - Rioux AV
    132 - Garcia AV
    138 - Rooks CE
    145 - Lee EMD
    152 - Conley AV
    160 - Washington P
    170 - South CE
    182 - Brewer AV
    195 - Nunn C
    220 - Webster NM
    285 - Watts - NC
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama got a reaction from Mattyb in State Champions   
    106 - Cottey PM
    113 - Moran P
    120 - Littel CG
    126 - Rioux AV
    132 - Garcia AV
    138 - Rooks CE
    145 - Lee EMD
    152 - Conley AV
    160 - Washington P
    170 - South CE
    182 - Brewer AV
    195 - Nunn C
    220 - Webster NM
    285 - Watts - NC
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to navy80 in Team State.Champs   
    Clear favorite? I think they have several tough draws... Cathedral, Col East, Avon, Portage, and Roncalli are all favorites to win.
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama got a reaction from runner4life in State Champions   
    106 - Cottey PM
    113 - Moran P
    120 - Littel CG
    126 - Rioux AV
    132 - Garcia AV
    138 - Rooks CE
    145 - Lee EMD
    152 - Conley AV
    160 - Washington P
    170 - South CE
    182 - Brewer AV
    195 - Nunn C
    220 - Webster NM
    285 - Watts - NC
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to TeamGarcia in Evansville Semi- State   
    (82) Ranked Wrestlers 
    (7) #1 Ranked Wrestlers
    (120) (132) (138) (145) (152) (182) (220) 
    (35) Ranked Wrestlers are from Mooresville Regional
    (22) Ranked Wrestlers from Bloomington South Regional
    (19) Ranked Wrestlers from Evansville North Regional
    (6) Ranked Wrestlers from Jeffersonville Regional
    (34) represented Hendricks County largest group they ever brought to Evansville Semi-State . 
    Avon (9) – B. Garcia (106), T. Conley (120), Rioux (126), A. Garcia (132), Reynolds (138), Chatterton (145), N. Conley (152), Brewer (182), Williams (220).
    Brownsburg (14) – Miller (106), Nelson (113), Montgomery (120), Lawhead (126), Campbell (132), Kreitzer (138), Ison (145), Cookerly (152), Asbury (160), Jean-Baptiste (170), Glover (182), Edmonds (195), Aiken (220), Keys (285).
    Danville (3) – Schubert (160), Waddell (170), Carson (182).
    Plainfield (7) – Nuetzman (106), Allen (113), Spears (120), Landon Boe (126), Logan Boe (132), Burdon (145), Biddle (285).
    Tri-West (1) – Pugliese (152) 
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to us3dogs in Wrestling Mom Dancing   
    Sometimes it is really fun watching wrestling moms. Hope you like this one....
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to coachnabb in 3A Team State   
    As the Ben Davis guy who has been around a long, long time I will try to give you a couple. Don't get me wrong, they sound like excuses and I don't like excuses much. And, none of this is personal, hopefully my comments aren't construed as being a shot at anyone. Some comments i won't make in this forum as it isn't the right forum. However, there is my list, top of my head.
    1. Resources - many programs develop talent by charging their kids $ every month or kids go to a "pay to play" facility like CIA, Red Cobra, Contenders, etc... In a lot of cases, we have kids who can't afford shoes, the sport fee or don't even know where they are staying tonight. Now, add on the cost of a USA card, tournaments, etc... and that is money our families need to spend elsewhere. Sure, we fund raise, but you can't cover costs for 50+ kids in a youth program to develop them in wrestling the way we would like. By the way, very few of our kids have a great support system. I can't imagine, as a 16 year old kid trying to cut weight, get to a Saturday practice, pay for a sport fee, new shoes, etc... without any parental support
    2. All of the BD families from my era and later have moved to Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Danvile, etc... i.. And, no families move into Ben Davis. Everyone is heading out West over the last 15 years, ncluding my family.  I know I have coached a dozen or so kids in Junior High that have gone on to be successful at the state level in other programs. Good for those families for getting themselves into what they see as better situations personally.
    3. I think BD has a remarkable amount of kids that start as Sophomores and Juniors. Sounds great to have bodies in the room, but wrestling in the MIC, Marion County and the same Sectional as Avon (you), Brownsburg and Plainfield - 90- percent of the time these kids just can't compete with someone who has had 4+ years of experience get frustrated and quit. And, how hard is it to sell this story "If you bust your butt, give everything you can you might win half of your matches" and "to be the most competitive you can, you need to learn how to eat right and maybe watch what you eat a little". They can't because they don't have quality food in the house.
    4. The sport has no "middle class" anymore, there are elite wrestlers and everyone else. We all know the sport is hard - if you are getting beat up all the time it isn't fun, if it isn't fun you quit (unless you are an idiot like me and wired differently). We have a lot of great kids in this state who do well nationally. So, I am a 3rd year kid who has grown up wrestling some of the many studs on the WestSide and Marion County and I get pounded every time, I get discouraged. I get discouraged and just don't love the sport the way I need to love it to get better - I could have been a good wrestler, not elite, but good, maybe a Semi-State or even a State qualifier, but I can't get out of sectionals. I tihnk it was 2 years ago at the Avon Sectional at 106, 3 of those kids placed in the top 7 at state and I believe 3 others from MIC and Marion County placed as well.
    5. I can keep going, but will conclude with this... I would rather build better young men (as I am sure we all do). It has taken me a while to admit that winning isn't as important to me as making someone successful at life (and this statement in no way makes me think that the previous 2 statements are exclusive, I am a better person, employee, boss, etc.... for being a wrestler). At some point, we are trying to get kids to graduate because we are now their parents. I could throw in a bunch of stats, but they don't change the situation. I would love to be singled out in a post about our wrestling, not the lack of our wrestling, but that isn't where we are at right now. 
    Don't misinterpret any of this, I want to beat everyone. I don't want to lose. but, spend a few months inside the program and you will see it isn't just a numbers game. 
    For better or worse, I am BD wrestling - as are a group of guys that I am proud to coach along side who also fight the daily battle to keep this program together and moving forward. 
    Brett Nabb
    BD 1987 and 20 years coaching wrestling in Wayne Township
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    800lbs Gorilla Mama reacted to MarianWrestling in Marian Intrasquad at Perry Meridian   
    On October 27th Marian University will have their intrasquad at Perry Meridian High School at 2pm. The majority of the team is Indiana guys from the best programs in the state and you can see some match ups that never happened in High School. 
    125- Chris Sharp (Broad Ripple HS) vs Anthony Jagel (Middletown HS in Ohio)
    133- Trey McCartney (Harrison WL HS) vs Carson Willis (Castle HS) 
    Winner will face Brandon James (Perry Meridian HS)
    141- Logan Hurley (Perry Meridian HS) vs Mason Miranda (Avon HS)
    Jesus Mancera (Lawrence Central HS) vs Alex Fauber (West Lafayette HS)
    149- Bailey Moore (Beech Grove HS) vs Noah Warren (Perry Meridian HS)
    Ryan Surguy (Shenandoah HS) vs Adam Brinkman (Milan HS) 
    157- Kain Rust (Perry Meridian HS) vs Tony Mosconi (Cathedral HS)
    165- Ishmael Cornejo (Portage HS) vs Trezdon O'Neal (Hamilton Heights HS)
    Jack Servies (Perry Meridian HS) vs Sam Osho (Avon HS)
    Jacob Schrader (Greenwood HS) vs Quienton Ingram (Brownsburg HS)
    174- Cameron Simmons (Lawrence Central HS) vs Matt Burns (Hobart HS)
    184- Charlie Hill (Lawrenceburg HS) vs Alston Bane (Richmond HS)
    Jeremiah Dilley (Wawasse HS) vs Ike Murrell (Terre Haute North)
    197- David Delph (Frankton HS) vs Zach Worm (Southmont HS)
    HWT- Seth Abad (Lowell HS) vs Ethan Bunce (Lawrence Central HS) 
    Elijah Bailey (North Central HS) vs Derrick Lewis (Center Grove HS)
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