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  1. Jeff Jordan or Tom Erickson would be great, Tom is very Physical Style would benefit greatly for the Boilers!!
  2. Who you think will be battling in the finals of Freestyle and Greco State. I have heard what most of the studs are wrestling @ any information you can provide would be great.
  3. Had to repost, Today/lastnight someone stole the only thing left Luis's dad left , there Tahoe PLEAS ppl go to Fox59 website if you see the Truck call police, Luis is a great young man lets step up as a wrestling community you can make donations for Funeral Expenses at all Chase Banks!!
  4. That was clearly a takedown by Gonzo. Frankie just missed it he will review it later and be like oops, Know it was a great match though can't ever leave it in the hands of the refs.
  5. I feel the luck of the Irish I say Cathedral wins it!!
  6. Gil Is the Man, and this is Wes's year been in the sport forever the Experience will prevail
  7. I have 20 snowcones on it, so gotta go with my stomach
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