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  1. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    The Top 20 Most Influential People in Indiana Wrestling Today

    Coach P Cale Hoover Tom Clark Coach Peck Jim Tonte All Team Indiana coaches Chris Lynch Stephanie Tasseff Angie Cooper Renee Schoettle Y2 Coah Hinkle & Boiler Elite
  2. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals All-Americans

    Cadet 285 D. Winfield from Perry= AA
  3. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    HS Finalists wrestling Freestyle State?

    With the debt of FREESTYLE DYING, who are the big dogs that will be wrestling at state? In the past alot of the BIGDOGS come out for freestyle state, It is always great to watch these guys wrestle at there true weight for the most part.
  4. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Indiana wrestlers in Iowa

    WOW, Great job so far by Mitch, Jared vs Thielke in the semis what a match that will be!! Where is Kirk Johnson, is he wrestling?
  5. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Indiana wrestlers in Iowa

    Go get'm Perry wrestlers. I think Jared Mckinley has a really good shot of winning it. Johnson should do really well.
  6. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Indiana wrestlers in Iowa

    Good luck to all who made the trip. Any thoughts on how Indiana wrestlers will do?
  7. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Jake Nealy still undefeated!!

    Neally won his 6th streight MMA bout KO due to strikes in .45sec. in Chesterfield this past weekend he will be turning pro in 6 months, he is a very solid fighter.
  8. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    FILA Cadets in Akron, Ohio

    Thanks, we will be there as well.
  9. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    FILA Cadets in Akron, Ohio

    Are there any Indiana coaches going? My son was wanting to attend this event. I only have a copper card ??? Thanks for any help.
  10. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Freestyle Wrestling in Indiana will Die soon!

    JUST WRESTLE!! Coaches need to learn the rules so the kids can understand more. Freestyle state always brings out the best kids Howe, Hump, Spencer all were great to watch wrestle freestyle. You have to learn all styles to best utilize your arsonal, Freestyle and Greco if you are a TRUE wrestling fan is where it's at the WORLD level not just college. If a kid really plans on being a great wrestler, he/she has to do well at all three styles. Looks like some coaches needs to do some coaching. And ISWA is not going anywhere you see all the babys being born into the wrestling community, Perry has like 6 babies from 2 and under that I know we will be talking about in 5 to 10 years. Keep up the GREAT work, all that helps with Freestyle and Greco(ISWA) my family owes the sport it has done alot for my son as well as my daughters. THANKS
  11. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Freestyle Wrestling in Indiana will Die soon!

    All the bigdogs usually make it out for freestyle state alway's fun to watch and a great atmosphere. The best of luck to all our Indy Olympic freestlye hopefuls we have some of the best freestyle talent right here. There will be 2 or 3 medalist at the olympics that come from Indiana ,ISWA- Freestle and Greco will NEVER DIE!!!
  12. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Freestyle Wrestling in Indiana will Die soon!

    The coaches need to do a better job coaching and learning the rule when it comes to freestyle and greco, we love it. Indiana has produced some of the best freestyle wrestlers as of right now. If the coaches don't let it die it will not Our club does a very good job coaching all around wrestling and having the best guy's in the room to always show new stuff. Coaches come to a Perry RTC and see Mango and some of the guy's and you will change your toughts on freestyle and greco. I really like the excitement and non stop wrestling of freestyle. Just my opinion. The studs did not come out for Folkstyle state either so maybe all styles are taking a hit.
  13. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Div. 1 Nationals

    Great updates keep it coming
  14. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Im desperate

    Mondays and Thursdays for club practice as well, there is alot of great workout partners at all levels.
  15. Midwest Wrestling Fanpage

    Best dual meet atmosphere

    Perry vs. Cathedral is alway's a Ready to Rumble atmosphere

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