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  1. 1Propainter

    Elementary Team Indiana

    When/Where are the wrestle offs going to be held for the elementary team Indiana this year. Someone mentioned they thought it was the same day as the Perry Meridian tournament but I can't seem to find anything posted on it. Thx
  2. 1Propainter

    mat meyham 1-9-15

    Sorry, no Matt, wasn't talking about ISWA. I actually emailed nuway about Mat Mayhem duals having their tournament on same day as our state duals. I don't know why they would pick same date. Would be awesome to have some of our kids participate but won't happen now. I definitely know how much work you guys put in and appreciate it. I just wish nuway would have picked a different date for Mayhem event. Landon C.
  3. 1Propainter

    mat meyham 1-9-15

    Don't know. Why schedule a huge dual on the same day as elementary state also? None of our kids will be able to attend? I brought this up when they first announced dates and they blew me off about it.
  4. 1Propainter


  5. 1Propainter

    Center Grove Friendship

    Glad to have you all out. We look forward to having it again next season
  6. 1Propainter

    80 and 85 spots open for local dual this weekend

    80 and 85 filled. HWT still needed
  7. We are looking to fill 80lb, 85lb, and HWT (max 175) for a k-6 dual this weekend at Perry Meridian. If interested contact Landon Clouser 317-756-7656 or email Lnd_painting@yahoo.com
  8. 1Propainter

    Elementary Dual Team Questions

    Matt B. gives great information. Just to add to that there are some specific duals that will welcome teams with less experience and put them in a separate pool. Center Grove is doing this on Dec. 6th. You can contact me if your interested. Would love to have you guys. Landon Clouser Duals Coord. CGWC 317-756-7656
  9. Center Grove Elementary is in need of the following weights for our duals team headed to Virginia Beach Nationals over Memorial Day Weekend: 90,95,100,119,125,132,160. This is a K-6 grade event. This is a good tournament with a lot of extra time to have fun while your there. If interested, contact Landon Clouser at 317-756-7656.

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