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Posts posted by Hudkins

  1. I will be home for the summer from Northern Illinois and I am looking to do some camps / rtc's if anyone is interested.  I would like to help out Indiana kids and make some extra cash before returning to school in August.  I will be home June - August 12th, before I have to head back to school.  If you are interested please email me at bhudkins.wrestling@gmail.com .


    NCAA Qualifier (round of top 12)

    NWCA All Academic Individual Team

    3rd Place MAC Championships

    2x IHSAA State Champion

    4x State Qualifier

    4x Semi State, Regional, and Sectional Champion



    Thank You,

    Brock Hudkins

  2. I don't have scores but here you go....



    Asa Garcia - Avon

    Ty Mills - Brownsburg

    Thornhill- Plainfield


    Camden Chatterton Avon

    Connor Paterniti Plainfield

    Nick Weaver Brownsburg

    DaVaughn Anderson Tri West


    Blake Mulkey Brownsburg

    Mason Miranda Avon

    Brinton Marvey Tri West


    Brock Hudkins Danville

    Isaac Gomez Plainfield

    Drew Krietzer Brownsburg

    Brandon Griffith Cascade


    Elliott Molloy Danville

    Nathan Conley Avon

    Ryan Bigelow Brownsburg

    Gage Jacobs Plainfield


    Tyler Summers Plainfield

    Connor Allen Brownsburg

    Dayne Barton Avon

    Daniel Natoli Cascade


    Brayton Lee Brownsburg

    Matthew Cullen Avon

    Bryce King Danville

    Chase Spears Plainfield


    Jacob Clark Avon

    Troy Owen Brownsburg

    Keegan Sweeney Plainfield


    Arkee Glover Brownsburg

    Jace Heitkamp Danville

    Sam Osho Avon

    Jacob Wheat Cascade


    Nathan Walton Brownsburg

    Dawson Ash Tri West

    Lance Meyer Avon

    Brandon Stultz Danville


    CJ Dalmer Brownsburg

    Caden Hubner Avon

    Jaden Owens Tri west

    Jack Biddle Plainfield


    Isaac McCormick Brownsburg

    Cody Kammerer Plainfield

    Andrew Frank Avon

    Dylan Musgrove Cascade


    Gunnar Larson Avon

    Reilly Peterson Brownsburg

    Ernesto Mariscal Plainfield

    Max Kirk TriWest


    Rickie Clark Brownsburg

    Brett Henson Avon

    Kameron Caudle Danville

    Seth Bechtel Cascade


    Team Scores

    253.0 Brownsburg

    216.0 Avon

    141.5 Plainfield

    94.5   Danville

    61.0   Tri West

    39.0   Cascade

  3. I am Brock Hudkins' mom and I want to start by saying that I believe it is pretty sad, especially this year it seems, that people like myself feel that they have to create an account to defend their wrestler.  I would like to let everyone know that Brock was fine and made weight without any issues on Friday night and had eaten lunch earlier that day. with that being said he is also known for getting really bad migraines.  He was fine at lunch time just a little of an upset stomach thinking it was nerves didn't say anything.  He then got a lot worse once he arrived at Bankers Life, and his coach had him looked at.  The doctor there at Bankers Life would not allow him to compete and recommended us taking him to the hospital to have him looked at, as he was becoming weaker by the minute.  Once we arrived at the ER we found out that he was dehydrated due to having the stomach flu (not nerves as he had thought) and the migraine.  They gave him IV fluids and meds to help calm his stomach, the migraine, and bring his bp back down to normal.  I am amazed at how people will assume some things with no knowledge or continue to make accusations even after it was stated that he made weight and was rushed to the hospital.  If Brock would have had his choice he would have been there at Bankers Life with all of his friends competing for what he has worked so hard for all season.  These boys are friends off the mat and do care about each other, they read these posts and some adults should think before they type.  Brock is doing much better and will be back next year with his friends competing.  Good Luck to all the boys who work so hard all year to get 6 minutes under the lights.




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