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  1. They were. He puts them in front of him on every podium for Levi.
  2. don't get off here just because of haters! I dig the county posts! And ASA is a beast no matter what happened today!
  3. wescraft


    What happened today?
  4. I figured we needed a forum for these darn upsets. There will be a few this weekend
  5. I believe Gee could do alot of damage next weekend..
  6. The Blacks at Shenandoah are very influential in the area and are great role models.
  7. Yes!! This is an awesome article about an awesome program with awesome coaches and athletes!
  8. hopefully he gets a shot at next weekend..
  9. Why didn't egli wrestle these last couple years?
  10. my coach said at the finals the chants of RADNOVICH were deafening.
  11. Calderon vs Rolfes in the semis will be a good one too.
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