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  1. Everyone is already doing what you are saying isn't happening. 3A schools look down on 2A and 1A schools. If you don't believe that, you are strongly misled. It is no different than football. The new 6A class just became the ELITE class to be in. Ask Cathedral why they didn't want to stay when it was their option. If they are honest, I bet they say that it would be harder to get kids to buy in to the idea of going to Cathedral if they are not winning state titles at that level. Why do athletes move to new locations to wrestle, play football, basketball, etc.? They want to be where they might be seen by a higher level coach or they want to win a title. It is really simple. Give the smaller schools a reason to retain their one or two guys that move because they cannot win a title in their area. College athletics have trickled down to the high schools now. Local clubs and AAU teams have become what high schools were. If you don't believe this, you must have blinders on. JMHO
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