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  1. I never said he didn't count. He had a great day of wrestling and made Indiana wrestling fans proud. He also showcased just how tough the bottom part of that MD lineup is to crack. The kid is a hammer and makes his teammates better on a daily basis.
  2. Baumann over Nelson 5-4 Baumann will face Ross for a MD vs MD final at 113
  3. Kane egli over Lawhead fall Edmonds over Mcgrew 3-2
  4. I agree. There are still only 14 wrestlers scoring at the end of the day. Baumann wrestling is no different than having a B team like Brighton is doing
  5. Baumann is wrestling for MD but not counting scoring towards team points.
  6. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/Stream.jsp?eventType=P&eventId=192133132&TIM=1544882608698&twSessionId=affwyizzyl Live stream here
  7. https://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/977334 Preview of the action
  8. If he wins by pin I'll buy you one, but if it doesn't happen youd better meet up with me! -fartfry18
  9. This was the worst officiated match I've seen at any semi state I've Been to. Match ended with what looked like a bassemier win, Elmore argues to the ref that there was a locked hands. This argument should have been a point against elmore, but turned out to be a locked hands against bassemier about a minute after the match was over. Second, bassemier scored a clear takedown in the first overtime that was a no call. Elmore turned around and scored a clear takedown with 3 seconds left in the first overtime, was called and overruled. Both wrestlers wrestled hard and both fought hard, but over time never should have happened In the first place.
  10. Fine Print I really enjoyed your small school 'journal' if you will of the season On the grid. Welcome to the mat!
  11. Beer is proof that God loves us and wants to be happy. -Ben Franklin
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