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  1. StevieWonder

    Extra training Forbidden?

    1st time I have logged on this season, the new coach has put quite a damper on what my son thought was going to be a fun & exciting year. My son was handed a contract from the coach last night & was instructed to sign it & return ASAP. In the contract the coach had written that no wrestler was allowed to attend private Academy training. It also stated that this included no private lessons of any kind or the wrestler would be immediately dismissed from the team. It should be noted that this same coach attempted to persuade my son in to changing Academy's & go to the one he preferred at the start of the season. It should also be known that my son is the only wrestler on his team that currently or in the past few years has attended a private Academy or utilized private lessons from Academy Coaches. My question is this, are there other coaches or High School programs across the state that incorporate this rule/policy or have attempted to prevent their wrestlers from getting extra training during the season? I can not see how this is beneficial to the wrestler or the program, or how a High School coach can control what a wrestler does on his own personal time. I would appreciate any & all input.
  2. StevieWonder

    Elkins 3/4

    What a tough kid, Darren got mauled for 2 1/2 rounds & comes back for the TKO/KO victory in the 3rd round. I've watched quite a few of his fights & that was 1st I had seen him get dominated on the ground. Great comeback.
  3. StevieWonder

    Jarred Brooks

    I wasn't sure which thread to post this on, with there being 3, but UFC just announced Ian McCall has pulled out of his fight with Jarred Books tonight. Both made weight and they had a good face-off at the weigh-ins last night but reports now saying Ian was pulled because of an illness. 9th time a fight with him as been called off with an injury or illness. Looks like Jarred will have to wait to make his UFC debut.
  4. StevieWonder

    Looking for mat time tomorrow, Saturday February 20th

    My guess is NO. Most middle school kids, if their lucky, are going to be spending their day/night at Bankers Life supporting their high school wrestlers. Best you are going to get is Indy Nationals at UIndy on Sunday.
  5. StevieWonder

    Grizzly Super 12 Duals

    What a great tournement. I'm not sure who was directly in charge of putting this together or running throughout the day but from my perspective, I'm not sure it could have been run any better. 6 full mats in 2 seperate gyms with 12 teams, each getting 6 duals. Kudos to whomever came up with the "Team 13" idea, which filled the void of a team that dropped out & included JV or 2nd string wrestlers from each of the other schools participating. Congratulations to John Young Middle School, who took home a 6-0 record and the Chanpionship. The semi-final between John Young & Perry Meridian had the intensity & excitement of a State title match. Match was tied 48-48 after the 240lb with John young winning 7 of the final 8 matches & then a 285lb forfeit from Perry ended the dual. John Young brought a solid line-up from top to bottom, but particularly strong with their heavier weights that brought the win home after trailing the entire match. It should be added, this tournement started on time, yes I promise it did, and ended on time without cutting any corners.
  6. StevieWonder

    Wayne Township Invite

    The Wayne Township Invitational was once again a great tournament this past Saturday. I want to first off thank the people responsible for running such a good tourney. From beginning to end, everything is very organized & generally runs smoothly (my personal favorite is keeping parents & fans in the stands & allowing only wrestlers & coaches on the floor). I have attended this event several times in the past, unfortunately last year it was cancelled, & it showcases many of this states young Middle School wrestlers. I do have 1 quick question, was there a specific reason the Final's face-offs were not done under the spotlight like in years past? With the event usually being held the weekend following Bankers Life Festivities, I know the kids have always looked forward to this particular event.
  7. StevieWonder

    Middle School State Registration

    I was curious about that as well, but after looking through quite a few resources, there is nothing preventing a 16 year old 8th grader from competing at the Middle School level. Once in High School you should expect a 14 year old Freshman to possibly wrestle an 18-19 year old Senior, but in Middle School it is quite possible for an 11 year old 6th grader to wrestle a kid who could have driven to the meet.
  8. StevieWonder

    Seymour Slam Folkstyle Open added information

    Very well run tournament. Thanks to the Director & all of his behind the scene assistants. Weigh-ins went smooth, full mats were great for the kids & consistent officiating by a good group of young men. First time participating in this particular event & I was very impressed with how well things were run at this wonderful facility.
  9. StevieWonder


    I was curious Coach Trapp, or anyone who has attended, what kind of turn out have you been getting for the Friday Night Live sessions? This sounds like a great idea, but do not live exactly close. I know Columbus East has always had some tough young wrestler, are you getting quite a few to show up & participate?

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