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  1. StevieWonder

    Extra training Forbidden?

    1st time I have logged on this season, the new coach has put quite a damper on what my son thought was going to be a fun & exciting year. My son was handed a contract from the coach last night & was instructed to sign it & return ASAP. In the contract the coach had written that no wrestler was allowed to attend private Academy training. It also stated that this included no private lessons of any kind or the wrestler would be immediately dismissed from the team. It should be noted that this same coach attempted to persuade my son in to changing Academy's & go to the one he preferred at the start of the season. It should also be known that my son is the only wrestler on his team that currently or in the past few years has attended a private Academy or utilized private lessons from Academy Coaches. My question is this, are there other coaches or High School programs across the state that incorporate this rule/policy or have attempted to prevent their wrestlers from getting extra training during the season? I can not see how this is beneficial to the wrestler or the program, or how a High School coach can control what a wrestler does on his own personal time. I would appreciate any & all input.
  2. StevieWonder

    Riley Lefever 4x DIII National Champion

    Congratulations to Riley, really enjoyed that interview. He just won his 4th title in dominating fashion & continuously talks about his teammates & coaches. I got the impression he was more proud of helping his team secure 3rd place than he was of his own individual Championship, very humble, thanks for sharing.
  3. StevieWonder

    Elkins 3/4

    What a tough kid, Darren got mauled for 2 1/2 rounds & comes back for the TKO/KO victory in the 3rd round. I've watched quite a few of his fights & that was 1st I had seen him get dominated on the ground. Great comeback.
  4. StevieWonder

    Jarred Brooks

    I wasn't sure which thread to post this on, with there being 3, but UFC just announced Ian McCall has pulled out of his fight with Jarred Books tonight. Both made weight and they had a good face-off at the weigh-ins last night but reports now saying Ian was pulled because of an illness. 9th time a fight with him as been called off with an injury or illness. Looks like Jarred will have to wait to make his UFC debut.
  5. StevieWonder

    Some sleeper picks

    Thanks for the update, glad to hear he is back at it again. Deven is super tough kid and very athletic, he will be fun to watch the next few years.
  6. StevieWonder

    Some sleeper picks

    Is Deven Williams back in the Whiteland room again? I heard from multiple people he had quite wrestling this year.
  7. StevieWonder

    Congratulations Cainan Schaefer of South Dearborn!

    Congratulations to Cainan, I had the opportunity to attend the Cub Classic and he looked sharp both days going 10-0. This was my first time at this Holiday tournament and I was very impressed with how well it was run. Madison H.S. had 5 mats going and very rarely did the action stop. This event might not have had the number of big name match-ups that the Al Smith or ED Classic did, or the attention, but the wrestling was impressive and several of IN/KY studs put on a great show for those who showed up. Congrats to Jeffersonville, who won the team title, also going 10-0. Madison WC put on a great event, so thank you to all that assisted in making the tournament a success.
  8. StevieWonder

    100TH WIN

    Congratulations to both Austin Moore and Myles Krinz for getting their 100th W and continued success the rest of the year.
  9. StevieWonder

    IHPO Brackets are out

    Both Walendzak vs Viduya and Littell vs Diaz at 116 in the 2nd round look interesting.
  10. StevieWonder

    132 Classic

    Fun yes but fair? No way. Watch the match again, Chad releases Nick with :01 on the clock and :00 he is still in the center circle. Fleeing the mat? Ha! It appears people are grasping straws, either selfishly so they would have gotten to enjoy some more great wrestling or they picked a side and their guy didn't prevail. Match was incredible and both studs put each other on their backs. I agree with most, 12,602 fans got their $8.00 worth on that match alone.
  11. StevieWonder

    Looking for mat time tomorrow, Saturday February 20th

    My guess is NO. Most middle school kids, if their lucky, are going to be spending their day/night at Bankers Life supporting their high school wrestlers. Best you are going to get is Indy Nationals at UIndy on Sunday.
  12. StevieWonder

    Most advanced?

    Warren with all 14, Perry Meridian 11 & Franklin Central 6.
  13. StevieWonder

    Cool Story out of Wayne High School

    Very cool story, I appreciate you posting & sharing.
  14. StevieWonder

    Perry Meridian Regional

    While I agree with most of your picks base, not necessarily the order 1-4. Fair is a super tough kid but I don't think IHSAA or Perry will allow him to go both 106 & 113, but Nier will take that 113 spot. As far as advancing all 14 from Perry, not likely Loki27. Smiley will end that possibility early & FC's Owensby has a good shot at 220 vs McCloskey. Warren on the other hand, is very likely to advance all 14 Saturday.
  15. StevieWonder

    Sectional Upsets

    Not a huge upset but @ 145 #4 Vaughn over #2 Timberman 3-2. Upset by rankings alone, Vaughn is returning from last years runner-up showing to Nick Lee at 132.

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