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  1. There should definitely be wrestle backs and true second. I for one wouldn't mind the extra time or extra money for a more expensive ticket. It is hard for some of these kids like Kemper, James, Koontz, Bailey, and B. Lee (at SS) to watch a wrestler they have beaten multiple times step up higher on the podium simply because of a bad draw or one bad match (or injury). No discredit to the other guys who placed ahead of them, but it was very obvious in some of the placings at SS and State that wrestle backs and true second matches should have taken place. It is very heartbreaking for kids who kno
  2. What time do the doors open! I'm so excited! Whoohoo!
  3. 152 - Dunn vs. Swank (these might be the #3 & #4 wrestling to just place) This is a crappy draw.
  4. Just a few kids whose dream of getting to wrestle in the finals might be screwed due to bad brackets. 126 Molloy/Red - same side of bracket 138 Lee/James - same side of bracket 152 Kemper/ Forte - same side of bracket 160 Koontz/James - same side of bracket
  5. Just a few kids whose dream of getting to wrestle in the finals might be screwed due to bad brackets. 126 Molloy/Red - same side of bracket 138 Lee/James - same side of bracket 152 Kemper/ Forte - same side of bracket 160 Koontz/James - same side of bracket
  6. Why are they changed? Argh!!! I liked the first ones better!
  7. 138 lbs. - Dixon (Ev. Reitz) #4 seed took out Weddle in first round and then Crowl in the second round. He is state bound!
  8. Horty vs Willis @ Castle 113 McCormick vs Whoberry @Castle 145
  9. 106 - Annakin 1st, Miller 113 - Konrath 1st, Dilbeck 120 - Egli 1st, Ferguson 126 - Johnson 1st, Clopton 132 - Lee (nobody close), Bethel 138 - Lee 1st, Todrank 145 - Jourdan 1st, Schnell 152 - Kemper (nobody close), Farmer 160 - McDaniel 1st, Lockyear 170 - Forzley 1st, Jeffress 182 - Bassemier 1st, Dekemper 195 - Anslinger 1st, Lytle 220 - Clem 1st, Kyles Hwt - Butler 1st, Shaw
  10. I'm not from this area and would love to see a great write up for this regional!
  11. Conner Willis didn't participate in Sectionals. I don't think it is injury.
  12. Personal opinion, but it appeared to me that J. Lee was mostly in control of the Todrank match. I am a fan of Todrank, but I was disappointed he didn't take the podium after the match. Not sure what happened, but he missed the medal ceremony. I hope it was an accident. I thought the Dibeck/Luigs match was one of the best of the day!
  13. Dixon over Wargel 138 @ Castle Sectionals (semi-finals) J. Lee over Todrank 138 @ Evansville Central Sectionals Dilbeck over Luigs 113 @ Evansville Central Sectionals Anslinger over Lytle 195 @ Evansville Central Sectionals
  14. Carson Willis (freshman) wrestles 113, and he is listed at 126. His brother, Conner (sophomore), wrestles at 126.
  15. Sorry to hear about the injury. I hope he is 100% soon! I'm looking forward to seeing him wrestle at state!
  16. Hart CE beat Choate MV today @220 Kemper CE easily defeated Farmer CA @152 Ramsey CA defeated Dixon RE @138 McCormick CE pinned Whoberry MV @145
  17. 106- Anakin CA 113- Luigs MD, Willis CE 120- Egli MD Matherly NO 126- Johnson MD, Willis CE 132- Lee MD 138- Lee MD, Ramsey CA 145- Jourdan MD, Schnell CA 152- Kemper CE 160- Lockyear CA or Huelsing ME 170- Forzley, MD 182- Bassmeier MD, Dowell CA 195- Anslinger MD, Patterson CE 220- Kyles HA, Hart CE 285- Butler MD MD runs away with team title Castle 2nd Central Memorial Reitz North Harrison Bosse
  18. Floyd Central -1st place Evansville Central - 2nd place Isaiah Kemper won Most Outstanding Wrestler Award
  19. Evansville Central has four wins so far: 113-Carson Willis 126-Conner Willis 145-Hunter McCormick 152-Isaiah Kemper We still have two more who will wrestle for first at 220 and 285!
  20. Info about this tournament?...teams, start time, etc.?
  21. Connor Willis (126) was seeded at #1 in the Mooresville Tournament and will not place in the top 8. His younger brother, Carson (113), was seeded at #5 and was also put out early. I had high expectations regarding both of these boys and was unimpressed with what seemed like their lack of conditioning. They both appeared to be in control of the matches they lost until the last 2.5 minutes. However, they are both young and will hopefully continue to grow and learn. I'm hoping they pull it together before Sectionals/Regionals.
  22. Does anyone know what time this starts on the 30th and about what time this is over on the 31st? I don't see any times listed on TrackWrestling. Thanks!
  23. Isaiah Kemper is having a great football season as the runningback for the Evansville Central Bears.
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