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  1. Anybody know how to use trackcast on your Android phone?
  2. Is FWSS going to be live on the internet or local TV?
  3. I was a little disappointed. I signed up for "flo pro" thinking I could get a jump on the updated brackets since, they had streaming coverage of every match.... yea, no. They didn't list a single bracket. We'll run tournament tournament though. Amazing the number of kids they got through there So quickly, and efficiently.
  4. What are the rules for pink eye exactly? Can they wrestle with pink eye?
  5. Are there any formal results to check out anywhere? Thanks
  6. I really have no Idea. Other than guys from our school, I don't know anyone.... I was just looking for someone else with an educated guess...
  7. When will the brackets for the Garrett Invitational be available?
  8. Isaac Eicher over Johny Wargel 9-2.
  9. I guess I'm slow to put the pieces together, but does anyone realize that the individual portion of this tournament is on Friday at 1 pm? I know my son doesn't get out of school until 4 pm. Does anyone know why it was scheduled this way?
  10. Any updates today would be greatly appreciated!
  11. That's about 3 hours for us. We are in the fort wayne area. Thanks.
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