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  1. Does anyone know the details of Parris vs James?
  2. You guys sit on here and complain every year and nothing happens. Give it a break. If you don't like it then pull your team out and go elsewhere, it's not like they can't replace you.
  3. Wow at 120, if red and James meet up who do you guys got?
  4. Can anyone keep us updated on how the Indiana wrestlers are doing?
  5. How weak is Kentuckys wrestling? Being a five timer is phenomenal but I didn't see him ranked nationally.
  6. I highly doubt everyone was booing because of the late takedown.
  7. Jake ruberg a freshman at 138 from Lawrenceburg lived up to his undefeated record by only losing to cash 2-1, this kids tough.
  8. Can we get all of the finals and scores?
  9. This is a topic every year so I'll start it! What are some of the best potential sectional matches? Is there anybody who will meet up in the final all the way to semi state?
  10. Spartan dog, you mind post the finals updates and team scores?
  11. Can we get some updates please? Connersville preferably ;D
  12. I would post this in the college section but I feel as if I'll get more feedback here. Who are some people that had no real high school success but shined when they got to the collegiate level? Also doesn't have to be indiana wrestlers only, thanks!
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