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  1. Tonyv


    It'll probably happen next week
  2. No bump up of bam against covaciu... 59-15 portage with a 3-2 match of Torres v delapena
  3. any details? Couldn't make it to watch ticket round
  4. What happened in the Prado and Hatch match also with white vs hardesty OTR?
  5. It's true.. If two of the top teams in the region accepts the invite also most likely with the very good Portage team coming next year.. It would be a nasty tournament.
  6. If Penn's jv loses to Bloomington south, bellmont, or any other teams, will this count on their varsity record since it is a varsity tournament?
  7. Portage Super dual this saturday has a rematch of the Traicoff championship with #5 crown point and #4 portage.
  8. Any good match ups on the 3A side KarlHungus?
  9. Lawrence north could be a top 5 team
  10. Torres was in the line up placing 3rd i think.
  11. Portage Indians upset Penn and are the champs.
  12. Lake central dec 6th I believe
  13. Tonyv


    Miguel Prado
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