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    Justin Ratliff got a reaction from CoachJoyce in Significant results 12/7   
    182- Holt (CN) major decision over #14 Wade Presson (BHSS)
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Evansville Semi-State Preseason Rankings   
    Direct all love for these great rankings to @TripleB
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to mdspiderman81 in Evansville Semi-State Preseason Rankings   
    Maybe because that is the weight he is wrestling.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to TripleB in Evansville Semi-State Preseason Rankings   
    He’s a superfrosh, not knocking anybody but also got higher points bc his dad volunteered in the Madison Wrestling Beer tents and introduced me to Peanut Butter Cup Beer!!
    MD I can get you all volunteer info and I’m always open for Gerst Haus or Carson’s! 
  5. Haha
    Justin Ratliff reacted to Mattyb in Evansville Semi-State Preseason Rankings   
    Nope... he was knocking the rankers. Without doing his homework, which is no surprise. Can’t let him knock our “ranking committee”! @ontherise219@TripleB and the boys are the best in the business! Here is his statement. 
    “Somehow the ranking committee ranks a freshman with zero high school matches under his belt higher. Is Cheaney Super Frosh like Mendez???“
    @navy80 asked if they wrestled before. TrollFanMD just was doing what he does. 
    “Wildcats eat.... blah blah blah”
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to regionrat1 in Interesting Result   
    One of da region wraslin alumni nocked of a big time Iowa wrestler. Rump from  Portage beat Gavin Teasdale at tournament yesterday 6-3. Nice win for a Rat !
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to #TheBrand in All Star Monster Dual - 2 IN wrestlers selected   
    This Friday evening Nov. 1st, Parker Reynolds & Revin Dickman have been selected to wrestle in the Monster Dual All Star Classic in Denver, CO.  This event pits the top wrestlers from the West Coast/ CO area vs. the Midwest.  Parker Reynolds will be wrestling Christian Castillo (AZ Middle School Champ, Western Regional FS/GR Champ, 4th GR Natls, Super32 5th).  Revin Dickman will be wrestling Ronnie Ramirez (CA champ, Trinity Winner, Freakshow, Tulsa, Reno Champ).  This event will be Live on FLO this Friday evening.  The wrestling lineup card is the attached link.
    K-8 matches:  https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/3e43-1989133/Profiles_K-8_Monster_Dual_2019.pdf?_ga=2.251681985.911431041.1572447854-2075993354.1552319251
    This is an under the lights stage event.  Below is the arena and stage.

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    Justin Ratliff got a reaction from maligned in Article: 2019 Super 32 Preview   
    Great article.  Thanks for all the info.  Good luck to all of the Indiana boys!
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in State tournament   
    No it's the same as last year. The only potential changes are if a team is added or disbanded.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Is Indiana's wrestling talent decreasing?   
    Just a correction, it takes a different skill set to be good at the bigger weights than it does smaller weights.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in What do we do about it?   
    We do weeknight events that are similar where a club comes in and we match them up for a few hours and get out of there. The parents love it and so do the kids. The days have long gone of the "badge of honor" being at a tournament from 6am until 9pm. 
    Retention rates are what will help the sport. In all honesty we have to cater to the parents more than the kids as they are the ones driving them to practices and events. If you look at youth soccer and baseball they have games and are out in a couple hours max, but wrestling you can be at a tournament for hours and hours and get a few matches in. The friendlies are great at catering to this and my guess is those clubs have seen a lot more retention of their athletes. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Galagore in Is Indiana's wrestling talent decreasing?   
    Yes, the talent coming out is great. But the kids just wrestling in high school...what about those kids? Or is that not even an issue since they don’t continue after high school? We spend a lot of time focusing on the lifers, but they’re not the ones who will ensure the sport endures for decades to come. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Junior Worlds This Week   
    You may now refer to Mason Parris as WORLD CHAMPION Mason Parris. He got a fall in the first period in the finals....just doing Mason Parris things....
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Sig40 in Jesse Mendez Wrestling at Flo’s Who’s #1 event.   
    We love the idea. Gives Jesse a chance to avenge a loss from last year at Super32 to Jack and then wrestle another amazing wrestler at same event. Giving Jesse a shot at 2 extremely tough matches in one day is totally worth it.  
    Side note: Willie asked Jesse if he was ok with making it a 4 man bracket and he said he was down to wrestle anyone. It is definitely the hardest way to defend his ranking, but I am really excited to hopefully watch him wrestle twice at Carver Hall. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Brayden Littell of Center Grove commits to   
    Congratulations to Brayden Littell from Center Grove for signing with Ohio. He is projected to wrestle 125, 133.

    View full signing
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in J. Tsirtsis joins IU coaching staff   
    Why would you want him at Columbus East or Columbus North? I figured you'd want him in Baugo.
  17. Haha
    Justin Ratliff reacted to MattM in Best Wrestling Families   
    If I recall CoCo made it in due to Madison needing to fill a hole in their lineup for an event.  Heck I should be on the list, since I added more wins to the Black family total than CoCo was able to muster.  Thanks Derek. 😒 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in New Flo Rankings   
    Wyoming Seminary is neither a seminary, nor in Wyoming.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: Tallinn is beautiful in August   
    More people from Indiana have Googled Estonia over the past few days than ever before and with good reason. After this weekend Indiana will have four representatives at the Junior World Championships in Tallinn, Estonia. For those of you that want a little geography lesson, Tallinn is the largest city and capital of Estonia. Estonia is a country that has about 1.3 million people and is about half the size of Indiana. It is a very historical city and sits on the Baltic Sea.  Wikipedia has a lot of great information Tallinn and Estonia, just click here for that info.
    Now onto the wrestling part, which is why you’re here. Last week Alara Boyd was dominant in her quest to make her first Junior World Team at Women’s Nationals in Texas. After medaling twice as a cadet she is looking for her third world medal in as many tries this year.
    The men duked it out this weekend in Raleigh this past weekend looking to join Boyd in Tallinn. Lucas Davison had an immense advantage sitting out until the second day already in the best of three finals. Brayton Lee was the top seed in the challenge tournament in an extremely deep weight class. Lastly, Mason Parris decided a couple weeks ago to start training for the event and with his Fargo placement last year was given the three seed. The tournament brackets were small due to a limited number of qualifiers. Most brackets were 8 man or less with a couple that had around 10 competitors.
    Parris’ path to Estonia was quite unique to say the least. Not only was entering the trials a late decision, the top two wrestlers from the Junior Open did not come to the trials. That left the weight wide open as Anthony Cassioppi was considered a big favorite to win the weight.
    Parris had one match on Saturday where he defeated Virginia Tech’s John Borst 7-4. That put him in the best of three finals against Wiconsin’s Trent Hillger with whom he defeated during the NCAA season. In the first match of the best of three series Hillger topped Parris 7-6 after a late flurry of action that almost gave Parris the win. The second an third matches were quite different as Mason go after it early with a tech fall in the second match and a pin in about a minute in the last match.
    Lucas Davison saw North Carolina’s Brandon Whitman in the finals. Whitman was an NCAA qualifier last year for the Tar Heels as a true freshman. Davison dominated the first match 9-0 with a big 8 point first period. In the second match he wrestled a little more conservatively and won 5-0. Not only will Davison have Indiana friends on the Junior World Team, his Wildcat teammate Yahya Thomas is also on the team.
    Brayton Lee had quite the weekend to say the least. Brayton employed quite a unique strategy all weekend long and while it took a few more hairs off his dad Brett’s head it worked out well in the end. He started Friday out with a late tech fall of Justin McCoy who wrestles for Virginia. After that match the drama began. In the challenge bracket semi-finals he faced off with rival Jacori Teemer. They have wrestled three times before and every match was pure pandemonium. This match would be no different. Teemer raced out to a 7-0 lead in the first period on a couple snatch singles and pushout. At the start of the second period something changed…that being Lee broke the ice. He scored 12 straight points to take the lead and ended up winning 12-9.
    In the bracket finals Lee had Peyton Robb who was a redshirt for Nebraska last year. This time Robb raced out to an 8-2 lead late in the first period before rattling of four late points to close the gap to 8-6 at the break. The second period once again was all Lee as he racked up 11 more points to win 17-6.
    Next up for Lee would be Ohio State’s Sammy Sasso who made quick work of him in Vegas. Lee was prepared to not give up a leg lace, but early on may have forgotten about leg defense. Sasso came out hungry and was up 6-0 after the first period. Another early score in the second period it looked like the match would be cut early due to a tech fall. However, Mr. Lee had other plans. He kept the pressure on and started to crack the ice with constant pressure and heavy hands. Lee started with one takedown, then another with a turn, then a pushout and for good measure two more takedowns to eventually break Sasso. The final score was 11-8 after 11 straight points by Lee.
    The final match had a little less drama as you could tell Sasso was still tired both mentally and physically from the first one. Sasso got an early push-out, but Lee rattled off another 8 points to win convincingly 8-1 and earn his trip to Tallinn. On the weekend Lee scored 47 points in the second period while only allowing 7(3 to McCoy and 2 each to Teemer and Sasso).
    This year is the third time we have had multiple representatives in the same age group and style at a World Championships. The two other times were when Angel Escobedo and Reece Humphrey both represented the USA at the University Championships in 2010 and the Senior Championships in 2013. Before this weekend Indiana has had six others qualify for the Junior World Championships: Leroy Vega(1999), Matt Coughlin(2006), Angel Escobedo(2007), Andrew Howe(2009), Jason Tsirtsis(2013), and Stevan Micic(2015). Micic and Howe both brought home bronze medals.
    On the senior side of things three Indiana natives had solid days on the mat. Kayla Miracle fresh off claiming her third straight spot on a U23 team made quick work of Desiree Zavala spending less than two minutes on the mat total in two matches. She pinned Zavala in 1:10 in the first match and almost broke a sweat in a 34 second tech in the second. She clinched a spot in Final X where she will face Mallory Velte in the best of three series for a spot on the senior world team. Last year Velte won the series in three matches and went on to win a bronze medal at the World Championships.
    On the men’s side of things Riley Lefever and Ben Harvey came into the challenge bracket as a 5 and 7 seed respectively. Both exceeded seed expectations and placed 3rd and 4th. For Lefever he lost to Ohio State’s Kollin Moore in his first bout. He beat three-time All-American Tim Dudley in his first consolation match then avenged his loss to Moore for 3rd place.
    Harvey faced Mark Hall first round and dropped that match. He defeated Stacey Davis and Geno Morelli in the consolations before falling to Nick Becker in the 3rd place bout.
    Overall Indiana had a great few days on the mat and will be well represented at the world level. Currently we have five representatives on teams with the cadet teams determined in a couple weeks and both Hildebrandt and Miracle two wins from earning their spots at Final X. Both girls will be at Final X in Lincoln on June 15th.

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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Morgan Smith of Columbus North commits to   
    Congratulations to Morgan Smith from Columbus North for signing with Lindsey Wilson. He is projected to wrestle 125.

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    Justin Ratliff got a reaction from Champ725 in Indiana Smackdown @ Grand River Rumble *Weights Needed*   
    Indiana Smackdown is taking 3 teams to Grand River Rumble in Lansing, MI on July 12-14.
    We have an great gear package from KC Battlegear and our teams always have a great time! 
    Our gear has a matrix theme with 1's and 0's if you zoom in close on the picture.
    Please contact if interested: 812-525-7304
    Weights Needed:
    43, 56, 60, 92, HWT
    54, 58, 78, 86, 140
    75, 80, 85, 95, 100, 140, 150, 170

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    Justin Ratliff reacted to tigrreapr56 in The Compound Indy 2019 AAU National Elementary Dual Champions   
    We shared this video with our families.  Wanted to share with all.  FUN trip.  Thank you parents!
    2019 AAU Elementary National Champs
    #Indiana #CompoundStrong #MFFM
    Kenny Harden
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in US Open Entries with Indiana ties   
    Final X
    If you are a World medalist you automatically advance to Final X. In freestyle Colon, Burroughs, Dake, Taylor, Cox, Snyder, and Gwiz all qualified this way.
    If there is no World medalist in your weight the US Open champion goes to Final X. In freestyle Fix, Yianni, and Deakin all qualified this way.
    US Open and other qualifiers
    Wrestlers qualify for the World Team Trials by placing top 7 at the US Open or via other qualifiers. Those include being a current NCAA champ, previous World medalist, highest placing American at the Dave Schultz, etc.
    World Team Trials
    The WTT will determine the second person at each weight for Final X.
    If there is a World medalist in your weight the US Open champion has a bye to the finals on Sunday. For instance Bo Nickal, Kyven Gadson, etc are already in the finals for Sunday's best of 3 format. To determine the opponent there will be a bracketed tournament on Saturday with the winner facing the person who is sitting out. 
    If there is no medalist there will be a bracketed tournament and the finals of the bracket will be best of 3 on Sunday.
    Saturday's wrestling will be a bracketed format with usually 8-12 wrestlers competing. On Sunday it is just the best of 3 finals that will take place. Note that not only are Final X spots on the line there is also a National Team spot on the line which is the top 3 at each weight. Being on the National Team gets you paid(a little) and advantages for camps and travel overseas.
    Everyone wrestling needs to make scratch weight both days, that includes the ones with byes to Sunday. 
    Flo put out their projected seeds with who has qualified and who is expected to attend. There is one more qualifier this weekend that will allow one more wrestler to enter WTT.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to MattM in US Open Entries with Indiana ties   
    B. Lee takes the runner-up spot.  Sasso with takedown then converted to a nasty leg lace that just racked up the rest of the points for a 10-0 win. 
    Lucas Davison take the Junior Open title though with a 6-3 win in his match.  He has earn a finals spot for the Junior World Team Trials. 
    Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but for anyone wondering the age groups for international Juniors is different than US Juniors.  It usually includes older HS wrestlers through younger college level guys. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Caleb Spires in Brock Hudkins   
    I think this is a good move for both Brock and IU. If he can still make 125, he’ll slot right in and drilling with guys like Asa, Moran, and the Rooks brothers helps everyone get better. Another wonderful pick-up for Angel.
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