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    Justin Ratliff reacted to TripleB in Camden Spears of Plainfield commits to   
    Awesome for Cam, coached this kid and his bros for years. Congrats to Cam and his parents Brian and Sharon!
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Doug Willems in March 23rd Joe Rau FS/GR Clinic @ CP Bulldog Premier Wrestling Club   
    Save the Date...Saturday March 23rd 2019.
    CP Freestyle/Greco Clinic featuring Joe Rau.
    Register online:https://bulldogyouthwrestling.sportngin.com/register/form/726015917 or pay at the door.

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    Justin Ratliff reacted to TeamGarcia in Impact freshman   
    Why is this a debate ? @Matthew Nelson Said he did for the better of his Family. 
    Doesn’t matter where, he made the best decision for kid(s). I did the same thing 12 years ago , Muncie to Avon . Gotta do what’s best for them . You posters wanna talk like he did something wrong . He moved his family like ***(175) MILES away*** Lol . Not like it’s 5 miles away or to  a different neighborhood thats 15 mins away in Evansville. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Kyle Ayersman in Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6PM   
    Another packed room tonight at the #BoneZone. Got guys from all over mixing it up. Littell had some awesome technique and everyone in attendance should add his misdirection duck to their repitoire. Had guys training both freestyle and folkstyle, if you’re training either be sure to stop in one of these days and check this room out. Be ready to roll next Thursday at 6 pm.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Another year of great articles!   
    I personally believe the weekly articles have added a great reason to visit the website every week. On top of that there are some great stories out there beyond the wrestling mat. I know personally I have become a fan of many of the kids from the articles.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Most anticipated match Friday Night all time?   
    It's due to our hype machine on the interwebs.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to JMILL in 2019 MS Heartland Duals Gold and Blue Teams   
    After MS state we have quickly finalized the teams with firm commitments from all of the below kids to finalize the rosters.
    It should be noted that this is the quickest we have gotten all commitments locked down and to my recollection the most 1st and 2nd place finishers to make up the teams.  I have to admit I was skeptical about the early weigh ins affecting this and it appears it had no affect on getting the best kids to participate in the Team IN teams for Heartland Duals so to Center Grove people I say thank you for all you have done to make this years MS state a success.
    With that being said here are the MS teams:
           GOLD                                                        BLUE
    75    Tye Linser                                                 Isaac Ash
    80    Seth Syra                                                  Jairo Acuna
    85    Preston Haines                                         Evan Seng
    90    Coy Hammack                                          Bryce Denton
    95    Blake Wolf                                                Gavin Whitehead
    102  Cheaney Schoeff                                      Hayden Brady
    110  Sergio Lemley                                          Cole Solomey
    117  Lane Gilbert                                              Jeb Prechtel
    125  Hunter May                                               AJ Cashman
    132  Kaden Lone                                              Reed Brandenburg
    140  Drew Mills                                                 Makai Smith
    150  John Purdy                                               Cody Goodwin
    160  AJ Steenbeke                                           Cael Albaugh
    175  Seth Willems                                             Van Skinner
    195  Leighton Jones                                         Royce Deckard
    220  Greg Johnson                                           Sam Mossoney
    275  Richie Pena                                              Edgar Decker
    Sean Schmaltz                                                  Tyson Skinner
    Trent Worden                                                    Wyatt Seng
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Mattyb in 2015 Middle School State   
    All I know that in 2015 we were at ihop at 12 midnight celebrating on a school night! 
    Great to see more and full mats. With that said, the late night kinda added to the whole experience (in some weird way). 
    With all that said, it feels like it was yesterday. For those familes that participated at Center Grove.... You are about to start the high school journey. There will be highs and lows. Just enjoy it all and soak it all in. It will all be over in a blink of an eye! 
  9. Haha
    Justin Ratliff reacted to 1prouddad in Rules question   
    All I know is this would NEVER happen in the dirty south with the EMD and Castle fans around. Hell, they call “Two” in unison, so a TF would not get by without a fan running onto the mat. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Most Physical Wrestlers in the State..?   
    I'd rather have a Penn State style... 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to 4U2NV in Middle school predictions   
    The excitement is starting to build for this weekend! Early registration is showing some pretty good match-ups of ranked wresters. Also, a couple of unranked wrestlers at 132 that are sure to make an impact.  
    80: HM-Seth Syra
    90: #20-Coy Hammack
    95: #19-Brady Ison
    102: #5-Cheaney Schoeff
    117: #10-Aidan Torres, #12-Lane Gilbert
    125: #22-Hunter May
    132: UR-Bray Emerine, UR-Kaden Lone
    140: #21-Drew Mills
    150: #7-John Purdy, #15-Duke Myers
    160: #11-Aaron Steenbeke, #16-Seth Willems
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Sectional Brackets   
    I'm betting it's a southern cowboy....
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to MattM in Nebraska at Penn State Jan 20th - Chad Red vs Nick Lee Round 2   
    Did I miss something or did my DeLorean drop me off in 2016?  Their HS match was dissected and critiques ad nauseum back then.  Not sure anything new can be added to that discussion or should be at this point  
    Guys in 2019 and these guys have been in college a few years.  Let’s live this in the present and what is happening now.  I’m guessing we will see these two cross paths a few more time.  
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to 3xStateChamp in Chad Red   
    Chad Red vs. Nick Lee ..... SUNDAY 
    Woooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! 
    Pistol Pete 
    Young Gunz Gang 
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    Justin Ratliff got a reaction from Champ725 in IWL Championships   
    The Indiana Wrestling League is a 16 team, K-6th wrestling conference where teams compete in dual meets throughout the season and culminates with an individual tournament called the Indiana Wrestling League Championships the week after ISWA Team State (January 13th, 2019).  This tournament has two facets; Junior Varsity and Varsity.  There is a team parade for each tournament.  Each team can place 2 JV wrestlers in the tournament per weight class and one Varsity wrestler per weight class.  The JV tournament is unseeded while the Varsity tournament has the top 4 wrestlers seeded. Both tournaments will have a team race for points with the top 3 teams receiving trophies. There  will be a face off with spotlights and music for the championship of both JV and Varsity tournaments. The champions of the varsity tournament will qualify for Indiana Smackdown which competes in the AAU National Duals at Kingsport, TN April 12-14.  Thanks to all of the coaches, parents, and wrestlers that have made this the most exciting youth wrestling league in the state of Indiana!
    The individual awards consist of 6" medals the shape of Indiana with the IWL logo for 1st-3rd place.  Wrestlers will receive a custom wooden plaque for 4th-6th place.
    2019 IWL Championships Venue:
    Centergrove High School
    Doors open at 7am, JV wrestling begins at 8am
    Varsity wrestling begins at 1pm
    Indiana Wrestling League Teams:
    Beech Grove
    Columbus North
    Greenfield Central
    Jennings County
    New Palestine
    Perry Meridian
    Warren Central
    Good luck to all of teams competing this Sunday! Thanks to Tyson Skinner for putting together a live stream to showcase the talents and passion of these young wrestlers.  Thanks also to Ryan Williams who spearheaded this 3 years ago and the IWL board members who have made this possible.
    Justin Ratliff
    Indiana Wrestling League

  16. Haha
    Justin Ratliff reacted to lewdwar in Team State updates   
    I say we add wild cards. Pick up a couple super studs and tell the kids that  has been wrestling all year sorry you’re just not good enough we found someone to take your spot. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Mattyb in New Flo Rankings (1/7/2018)   
    Moran 19th at 113
    Littell 19th at 120
    Asa 17th at 132
    Washington 18th at 160
    South 18th at 170
    Brewer 16th at 182
    Silas 6th at 195
    Andrew Irick  20th at 220 (New to rankings!!!) Super proud of this kid!
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to DLane in Mason Parris   
    Michigan just pulled Mason Parris redshirt vs Oregon State. Mason got the 10-4 win on 2018 AA 3rd placer Dhesi 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to JMILL in Trophy chasing???   
    @Mattyb this is the very definition of "stirring the pot"
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to hook and half in Nice moment at the Memorial/Mater Dei match   
    PA announcer:  “ Please rise for the national anthem”
    a few moments pass...nothing.  A minute passes of awkward silence.
    a couple of ladies, with very soft voices, begin to sing.  A couple of bars in, several others joined. By the third bar, the entire audience rose to the moment and joyously belted out the anthem.
    many members of the audience—and the boys—kept their hand over their heart. EVERYONE faced the flag.
    it was a thing of beauty.
    No one took a knee or experienced a “triggering” event by this simple display of respect.  I am quite certain that none of the combatants were traumatized and required counseling.
    on a night of the match-up of a decades-old super-intense rivalry,  it was great to enjoy an experience that unites us.
    it was a great night to be an American.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to TripleB in Walkout songs for state finals?   
    Just started this year at Madison and I've done if for a few years at Switzerland County, it seems to bring more excitement to the match. I'll play the song throughout the match during breaks and at end of match. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Cosgrove in Walkout songs for state finals?   
    I was sitting down talking to a few kids parents and another coach and came to the conclusion that one thing that our state finals could improve on is.. the introductions of each kid coming into the finals. Set it up just as how the ncaa finals go on. Wouldnt that be cool to have introductions songs, smoke machines lazer shows?
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to sslaymon in Favorite Youth Drills   
    Since this seems to be nothing but openings for elementary duals teams lately, I thought it'd be nice to get back to some more conversation.
    What are some of your favorite drills for your youth wrestlers?
    For newer/little kids, I like to do pretty basic drill where bottom man works up from belly to base, while top guy has hands behind back trying to get chest pressure right in middle of back. Once wrestler comes up to base, they drop to belly and top man jumps to other side. I don't really have a name for the drill but helps little guys learn good chest position, balance and bottom guy builds base with some pressure coming down on him.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Preseason Mag?   
    After the magazine comes out we get a lot more information on weights and random results that cause the rankings to change. As discussed on Gorilla Radio kids get unrealistic expectations of going XXX weight and two weeks later when we talk to their coach they are two weights higher. The rankings are always a work in progress until we lock them before sectional. There is always information flowing in and that is why we have pretty much weekly updates.
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    Justin Ratliff got a reaction from EliteAthleticClub in Christmas Sparty Michigan Duals - Wrestlers needed   
    Only the school based duals are on December 15th.  If you are putting together a team with wrestlers from different schools then the date for that dual is December 16th.

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