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    Justin Ratliff reacted to davecloud in Edgewood H.S. voted 2020 NWCA Region 4 Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year   
    Congratulations to the wrestling coaching staff of the Edgewood High School Mustangs! They were named the 2020 NWCA Region 4 Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year. Coach Greg Ratliff's staff was the 2020 Indiana Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year. State award winners advance to Region selection. The Mustang staff was named Region 4 Staff of the Year and advanced to the national level selection process. The selection of the Mustang assistant coaching staff of John Bray, Marty Deckard, Toby Turner, Danny Coyne and Buddy Mitchell have represented our state well. 
    It has been a good week for Indiana High School wrestling at the national level. Penn High School's girls assistant coaching staff, in addition to receiving Region 4 honors was named the 2020 NWCA Girls Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year. Penn High School head coach Brad Harper was named Region 4 head coach of the year and was runner-up for National Coach of the Year honors. As Indiana's NWCA rep, it is my honor to commend the coaches of the Edgewood Mustangs and Penn Kingsmen for their excellence as coaches and for representing our state so well. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to davecloud in Penn HIgh School-NWCA High School Girls Wrestling Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year   
    As NWCA rep for Indiana, it is my great pleasure to announce that Penn HIgh School has been honored with the award for 2020 NWCA Girls High School Wrestling Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year. The Penn High School Staff has been instrumental in building the Kingsmen program into a powerhouse. The Kingsmen have won all four IHSGWA State Championships. The staff, Amy HIldebrandt, Matt Selis, Jon Reppert, Kaitlin Dickman, Kristen Hills and Mariah Eberhart were named the NWCA Indiana Staff of the Year and then were named the Region 4 Staff of the Year before being selected as National Staff of the Year. This is a tremendous honor for the Kingsmen, the Mishawaka community and the Indiana wrestling family. Their success has helped advance the effort to win sanctioning for girls wrestling. Kingsmen head coach Brad Harper has assembled an amazing staff for Penn's women's program. This award also serves as a recognition of his commitment to providing wrestling opportunities for the girls of Penn High School.
    Coach Harper's efforts have not gone unnoticed. He was named the 2020 NWCA Indiana Girls Wrestling Head Coach of the Year. Coach Harper was also named the Region Head Coach of the Year. He finished as national runner-up to Mike Simons of Thurston High School in Oregon as National Coach of the Year. Indiana Wrestling is proud of the Coach Harper, his coaching staff and the Kingsmen Girls Wrestling Team. 
    Wrestlers Lead!
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    Justin Ratliff got a reaction from CoachJoyce in What will be the biggest challenges with the new Department of Education extra-curricular activities covid-19 regulations?   
    I wonder how they will handle sickness protocols?  Like if a student has a common cold with a mild fever?  Sickness and time out until COVID is ruled out will probably cause a lot of issues.  There will be a lot of challenges for sure.
    One good thing that I believe will come of this is that this generation of students will be a highly adaptable workforce when it comes to change.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to CoachJoyce in Columbus North Coaching and Teaching Opportunities   
    Current Teaching openings: PE, English, Special Education, and Automotive. 
    Coaching openings: High School Varsity Assistant and JV Head Coach. Opportunities to work with all levels of wrestling through out the program. 
    Outstanding Elementary/Club team athletes that are beginning to feed into the high school program. Great opportunity to be part of building of a program in a competitive and fun environment. 
    If interested contact Matt Joyce - coachmjoyce@gmail.com
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to dstruck in New tourney- “Nwca, best of the Midwest” Jan 8th/9th 2021   
    Checking for interested teams-
    the NWCA (National wresrling coaches association) hosts the NWCA National duals on January 8th/9th, 2021. This has the top D2, D3, Naia, Juco, NCWA, and Women’s teams competing for a nationals dual meet title! Many of our former Indiana Hs wrestlers now competing in college will be wrestling there.  Last years info: http://www.nwcaonline.com/news-events/events/2020-nwca-multi-division-national-duals/
    This is held in the louisville fairground convention center and freedom hall (current concert venue and former home of louisville cardinal basketball)- big stadium!
    The NWCA has asked me to put together teams primarily from Indiana and Kentucky as a “border war” for a tourney. but after discussion we want this to be open to any team within our travel sanctions. 
    i am looking for teams that might be interested to wrestle our dual meet tourney along side these college teams!
    teams invited: formulating that now
    format: a lot depends on the number of teams we get and who there you want to see! But ultimately we are looking to have 2-3 matches on Friday night and 5 on Saturday.
    interested teams email coach struck
    more questions? Text me at 8127862308
    (I realize this is state duals weekend many years, we hope to be able to accommodate teams each year that want to go in and out of these two tourneys as well)
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Mattyb in New tourney- “Nwca, best of the Midwest” Jan 8th/9th 2021   
    I coached a 15 u team at this event last year. It’s pretty cool. Lots of mats and lots of good wrestling. I am sure that a high school division will be ran right. I would highly recommend doing this event. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to teammills in Unique wrestling opportunity next summer for current 5th-8th graders   
    This is a great trip to help get your young wrestler to the next level.  Ty took this trip his 8th grade year and had a blast.  I was amazed at his maturity level and his wrestling abilities when he got back.  He went on to place at Pre-Season nationals and several other national tournaments in the months following.  There was a great mixture of Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco and he wrestled some of the top tier kids in the country.  Most of all, he really made some life-long friends that he still talks to today.  It's such an awesome feeling to be at some of his college tournaments and run into one of his OASWT teammates.  Ty was able to fund raise about 90% of his trip costs from the community and worked off the rest with chores around the house.  
    He was able to see and do so many things across the country that it was a once in a lifetime experience.  If you are interested, let me know and I can share more about our experiences.  The only downside was a picture of his cauliflower ear in the middle of Utah somewhere.. mom wasn't happy, but Ty loved it! 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to gogoplata89 in Rule Changes for 2020-2021 Season   
    If a singlet makes that big of a difference, maybe they should move up a weight. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Paycheck141 in Rule Changes for 2020-2021 Season   
    The third one makes the most sense to me ive seen guys call injury time to stop points all the time
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to MattM in weight changes for 20-21 season?   
    Hate taking weights away from Football players because it helps get cross sport recruits.
    Hate taking weights away from light weights because it helps keep the smaller or slower maturing kids in schools involved in something.   
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in weight changes for 20-21 season?   
    It's time for Joe's statistical analysis.... 
    This is under the assumption that the NFHS wants to eliminate a weight class based off of the forfeit issue.
    Here is the breakdown of forfeits by weight in Indiana this year.
    106 110 113 103 120 94 132 59 138 52 145 41 152 50 160 49 170 51 182 69 195 73 220 75 285 63 Total 889 Per Team 2.877   309 Teams  
    Data updated in this section
    The current proposal basically combines the current 182lbs and 195lbs weight into 189lbs. If a team has either a 182 or 195 they are counted as now having a 189lber and the teams with neither will now forfeit the new 189lbs. This would eliminate.... 107 forfeits. The average per team would still be 2.53. Based on the data we would need 34 195lbers to cut to the new 189lbs.
    If we would attack 106lbs and lets say we combine 106 and 113 into a newly formed 110lbs weight class. Same as above in combining each weight and assuming all 113's that do not have a teammate at 106 could make 110, we would eliminate.... 154 forfeits. That means we would still have 2.37 forfeits per team. Based on the data we would need 51 113lbers to cut to the new 110lbs.
    If we would go further and combine both scenarios we would only eliminate 261 forfeits. Thus again we would still have 2.032 forfeits per team. 
    In conclusion, the elimination of ANY weight class will have very little affect on the number of forfeits. If every team in the state brings in two additional wrestlers we would do more for the forfeit issue than eliminating a weight class. At best we would eliminate 300 opportunities in order to save 154 forfeits. This is not worth it to cut that many opportunities to salvage a better looking forfeit statistic.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to tskin in weight changes for 20-21 season?   
    personally I would go to 15 weights with adjusting  weight classes with additional weight being added up top also.  Never for taking away an opportunity from a kid.  I know people struggle filing all the weights but I am selfish and would want the most chances for kids to see varsity wrestling as they can.  Also I like adding it up top as another spot to help encourage the football players to give wrestling a try.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: #WrestlingWednesday: Jennings County getting a major upgrade   
    Howard Jones is, without a doubt, the face of Jennings County wrestling. Jones has coached the Panthers for over four decades (41 years to be exact). And during those 41 years he’s always had to do things the hard way. That’s all about to change.
    Jennings County has started the construction of a one-of-a-kind wrestling facility. Jones believes this might be the only dedicated wrestling venue for a high school in the Midwest, and possibly even the entire country.
    The new, five-million-dollar venue will feature seating for over 800 fans. It will have four full-size mats down with the ability to remove some seating and go up to six full size mats. The 24,000 square feet venue will also have two locker rooms and a coaches’ office.
    “We expect this to make our wrestlers feel like first-class athletes,” Jennings County Athletic Director Cory Stevens said. “They are going to have a facility that no other wrestlers in the region or in the state will have. We hope this attracts others to use it as well, for camps and things of that nature.”
    For Jones, this is a dream come true. His wrestlers have practiced in a balcony overlooking the basketball gymnasium. The school has two balconies on each side of the gym, and the wrestling team was often so large that it had to split the team up and use both sides.
    “I was lucky enough to have real good assistant coaches over the years,” Jones said. “I would go on one side and the assistants would go on the other. Sometimes we would divide by weight class. Sometimes we would divide by varsity and junior varsity.”
    The wrestlers would also have to move the 800-pound mats that were stored in various places throughout the school down to the gym floor for invitationals or dual meets.
    “Needless to say, it was an inconvenience, at the minimum,” Jones said. “We didn’t get the lighter mats until about four years ago. We always had to end practice early if there was a girls or a boys basketball game.”
    Jones didn’t much believe that the program was getting its own venue when he was first told about it. He had heard similar talk before. One time the school was going to build a 4.7-million-dollar facility that would house three basketball courts, a weight room, a track and a wrestling room. Ultimately that got voted down by the community.
    This time around school superintendent Teresa Brown told Jones that it was going to happen.
    “One day she told me ‘Coach Jones, we’re going to get you that wrestling room.’,” Jones said. “I didn’t believe her. That was about three years ago. Then, at the first of the year, she steps into the gym and said to me ‘Don’t you doubt me coach Jones, don’t you doubt me’.”
    Jones has had a hand in the design of the facility. He has looked at places like Purdue for inspiration and has tried to emulate what he knows works.
    “It’s been a very emotional time for me,” Jones said. “I have thought our kids deserved something better, but maybe not this elaborate, for years. I questioned why it was going to be so good. The principal at the time said ‘Howard, why can’t we have the best for our kids?’ That made sense to me. I think this state-of-the-art facility will be what’s best for our kids.”
    For Jones, the principal’s statement got him thinking.
    “I’m pretty conservative with things,” Jones said. “When he said that to me, I started thinking differently. I started thinking why not. The school wants to be greedy for the kids and it really shows.”
    The wrestling facility isn’t the only thing to get a major upgrade at the school. The baseball and softball fields got a multi-million-dollar upgrade. The weight room doubled in size. The football field got new turf. The tennis courts are getting a facelift. But, the largest change, is the wrestling renovation.
    According to Stevens, this might not have ever happened if it weren’t for the influence Jones has had on the students and the community through wrestling.
    “They say it has a lot to do with me, but it’s really for the kids,” Jones said. “The kids deserved better and we’re getting there. The educators care for the kids. But since this announcement I’ve had hundreds of people call or contact me about how much wrestling has done for them. That was done without this kind of facility. It’s not that we create champion wrestlers. It’s important that we realize we’re creating champion kids.”
    This has been an emotional journey for Jones. Former wrestlers are working on the building of the new facility and even the companies that put in the bids for the construction were ran by some of Jones’ former wrestlers.
    “Each of our six elementary schools have former wrestlers of mine that are coaching,” Jones said. “All but one of my assistants were coached by me. The middle school – all but one of the coaches was coached by me. It makes me very proud. One of the things that probably puts things in perspective for me the most is that I had a principal at one of the elementary schools come up to me and said ‘Howard, I’m tired of going to principal meetings and hearing about your wrestling program.’ But wrestling is a fraternity, not just within the school, but it creates a strong bond for life.”
    Stevens hopes to see other schools build similar facilities for their programs in the future.
    “We hope this inspires other schools to do something similar,” Stevens said. “Everyone is going to benefit from this – not just the high school, but the younger kids as well. Wrestling is a sport that does great things for kids. The more we can inspire other kids, the better. I was not a wrestler, but I see the value the sport offers for kids today.”

    View full article
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Falcon06 in Would Nick Lee & Mason Parris have won   
    I think Mason could have made it closer than last week vs Gable but I don’t know if he could have taken him out. Lee vs Pletcher was going to be a fun one. Either could have won. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to djpierson9 in Warren Central RTC Wednesday 6pm   
    RTC is not cancelled. The precautions for 60 wrestlers is quite different than the requirements of FS state. Thanks for checking. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Mattyb in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    Here another great MattyB idea... having it in one place would be impossible. With that said.. have the different age groups at different schools. Have Southport host Pee Wee and Bantam. Have Perry take Intermediate and Novice. Beech Grove gets School Boys and Cadets. Big boys go to Center Grove. All on south side of Indy. 
    I know it is not ideal. Some families will have to split up. It will not be close to what we usually get.... but... it will get done. 
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    Asking a school or big facility to not host any events because they are a backup to the original host is virtually impossible. This is an event that needs 20+ mats, which there are maybe a handful in the state that have the capabilities of hosting. On top of that the facilities that can host have events already planned because they want to make money. 
    The ISWA is in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. No one wants to cancel or move the event.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in New Jennings County Wrestling Facility   
    I'm surprised more people aren't talking about this, but it's the south and the Pony Express still is active there!
    Jennings County broke ground on a new wrestling facility and it looks....amazing. I believe it's a stand alone facility.
    Here is an article about it

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    Justin Ratliff got a reaction from indianmorg in It may be basketball but inspiring story about an Indiana kid   
    He is a great young man from a great family!
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to indianmorg in It may be basketball but inspiring story about an Indiana kid   
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to Y2CJ41 in Jacob Shaver of Columbus East commits to   
    Congratulations to Jacob Shaver from Columbus East for signing with Trine. He is projected to wrestle 141.

    View full signing
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to MattM in Better than Indiana   
    The distance we can travel isn’t the major issue with this rule. Heck I can live with it and see a point in having it.  What really holds us back is they other part of the rule.  The fact a school can not face a team/wrestler who has traveled from outside thAt radius to be at the competition.  This rule was likely conceived just thinking about travel for single competition team sports. But the reality of it has a big effect on individual sports where multiple schools attend an event. It practically eliminates Indiana schools from participating in most major individual tournaments.  
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to PhillyFanMD in Best High School for Producing D1 Wrestlers   
    If you were in the MD wrestling room in the 80's and 90's you would understand most Wildcats had the physical talent to compete at the D1 level but not the intellectual talent to go to a D1 school.  None of us became NASA scientist.
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    Justin Ratliff reacted to ontherise219 in Best High School for Producing D1 Wrestlers   
    I would say portage has had a good run recently. I might be missing a couple 
    kasper Macintosh Minnesota 
    John Moran Iu 
    jake moran IU 
    Dj Washington IU 
    collin poynter Air Force 
    kris rumph wartburg 
    brock peele portage 
    Cornejo Marian 
    hegedus Marian 
    gaige Torres indiana tech 
    latrell Lewis calumet college 
    bam Lawrence grand view 
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