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  1. with season approaching and people settling down for their weights, what weight class do you think is the toughest?
  2. or he sneaks in, he is known to be quite the sneaker :-)
  3. I just like how this crazy person managed to slip right under securities noses ;D the guy is awesome
  4. for sophomores, Will Egli? Alec White? this list is TERRIBLE. where is Tyler Fergurson? half these placers who can win next year arnt on here but you have kids like Tristen Tonte and Ben Stewart and Bryce baumgartner?
  5. I'm not sure how you can compare these 2? Nick has INTERNATIONAL accomplishments and personally I think if it was at an open tourney with no pressure, nick would beat micic. Red cannot compare to Lee at all and Joe Lee, the incoming frosh, would beat him also.
  6. Mater Dei usually doesn't have school on Indiv. State Friday but since snow make up days, they will be having school, COULD affect fanbase, OR strengthen it bc no kid likes school, especially on a Friday with 8 of their wrestlers wrestling ;D
  7. Egli has 2 losses to Konrath and Konrath's only 106 loss is to Egli. This is why I pick them in the finals! ;D
  8. since lee and micic are in the semis, who is your most Antcipated finals match?
  9. 106: Egli 113: Ferg 120: Red 126: Lee 132: James 138: Cash 145: Forte 152: Kelley 160: Corsaro 170: Stevenson 182: Rypel 195: Johnson 220: Robinson 285: Bernard
  10. Egli and Konrath in the finals. after watching Paul he impressed me but Paul won the first time, then egli, then Paul, is Egli due to repeat the cycle when it really counts? I think yes. Paul got a tougher draw then Egli with the win. there are no locks but Egli has 2 losses, 2 to Konrath. Konrath has 1 at 106, to Egli. these 2 rule to weight class. gonna be AWESOME.
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