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  1. J.G.

    S.A.C. Talk

    220: Snyder of Wayne defeated Whitner at the S.A.C Duals. They are currently 1-1 against each other this season with Snyder winning the last time they met.
  2. J.G.


    Fort Wayne Wayne
  3. J.G.

    Cathedral Super 6 Invite

    The teams are: Cathedral Avon Warren Central Bellmont Triton Central Fort Wayne Wayne
  4. J.G.

    Early season big matches

    Davis will be wrestling no lower than 113 this year.
  5. J.G.

    FW Semi State State Champions

    If you are referring to me being nearsighted I would have to disagree. I am arguing that athletes shouldn't be written off because of the Semi-State that they come from regardless of the Semi-State's overall success. I also know that there are a lot of athletes who say they are going to win state and truly believe it but unfortunately it doesn't come to fruition. Stating that you are going to win a state title and then not preparing or executing on it won't automatically give you a state title. Also, just because a wrestler doesn't come from an elite program doesn't mean they can't find success as a wrestler or as a coach. it seems that you normally fight for the underdog or the wrestlers who are not as well known so it seems weird that you have the feeling that coaches who aren't from elite programs would stifle the dreams or success of a wrestler. I think that most coaches would try to assist their wrestlers in realizing the effort that is needed in order to accomplish their goals. Wrestlers at different levels will need varying levels of effort to accomplish the same goal.
  6. J.G.

    # of Dual Meets

    FW Wayne: 4 Duals
  7. J.G.

    ref medical authority

    I thought the official handled the situation very well. The doctors note wasn't on the IHSAA form and the official said they would allow the wrestler to go to RediMed and attempt to get a note on the IHSAA form and then come back. I don't think any official wants to keep an athlete from competing but it is their responsibility to make sure the other athletes aren't put at risk to contract a skin infection.
  8. J.G.

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    Geoffrey Davis defeated Ben Streeter with a final score of 13-6. Geoff scored a takedown in the last few seconds.
  9. J.G.

    Summit Athletic Conference

    The Seeding meeting hasn't happened yet. It will be tonight at 7 PM. I'm sure brackets will be posted afterwards.
  10. J.G.


    Fort Wayne Wayne
  11. Indiana Native Kanez Omar(Cleveland State) had a close decision to 2X NCAA qualifier Luke Sheridan.
  12. J.G.

    Northern Indiana Challenge

    The Friday Night portion of this event that is taking place at Fort Wayne Wayne will begin at 5:30 PM in the Main Gymnasium. Spectators can enter through Door # 1.
  13. J.G.

    Coaches/Administrator Only Group

    Josh Grider Fort Wayne Wayne High School

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