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Everything posted by Brian518

  1. Centerville lineup COULD look like this: 106 Luke Markley 11 113 Elijah Phillips 9 120 Alston Jenkinson 12 126 JaVon Phillips 11 132 Tyler Rodandello 10 138 Jacob Creigmile 9 145 Mich Burelison 12 152 Isaiah Michaels 11 160 Randy Jordan 12 170 ? 182 ? 195 Nathan Bennett 11 220 Cameron Deloney 12 HWT Isaac Creigmile 12
  2. Alston Jenkinson from Centerville will be going 120 again this year.
  3. JaVon Phillips from Centerville TEC Champ last year. Has worked really hard this off season and will be a lot better this year. Got hurt early in sectionals and didn't wrestle well after the injury. He will be Wrestling 126/132.
  4. Just to let you know, JaVon Phillips will be going 132 he is at 135 right now as we prepare for the pre-seaon open. Elijah Phillips is at 116 right now and will be going 113. Both have worked really hard this off-season with much improvement.
  5. Richmond RTC is still going every Thurs. night 7-8:30pm. Coach Jeremy Bane of Richmond is an excellent coach and teacher. Would like to see more area wrestlers there on Thursday night. So come and Get Better with us on Thursday. Hope to see you there!
  6. Does anybody have info on weigh-in for Central Regionals at Lawerence North high school is it friday night and is wrestling just Sat. and Sun?
  7. The way it looks now Tipton is going to bump up to 145 when Killion hits 138.
  8. Tim Anderson is at 120 he beat Jenkinson 4 to 1. Sawyer Miller beat Anderson 9 to 7.
  9. The way its looking right now I doubt if Michaels from Centerville can get to 126 and even if he does he will have to challenge Phillips for the spot and the way they look in practice it will not be easy for Michaels to take that spot.
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