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  1. JaVon will be 138lbs for TEC. He will be at 132lbs for the State Series.
  2. JaVon Phillips won by fall in the first period.
  3. Don't count out Elijah Phillips of Centerville he is a returning TEC Champ and has a win over Purtha this year and two wins last year. Purtha also beat Elijah twice last year so its a 3-2 between them and there always exiciting matches. With Wes Craft at 126 this will be a exciting weight class to watch. I think Sabastain Thompson (sorry if spelled wrong) of Winchester could add to the excitment if he is at 126.
  4. JaVon Phillips-Centerville over Myles Krintz-Harrison(WL) 2-1
  5. "C Hetzner Eastern (Greentown) over J Phillips (Centerville) by Pin" Would just like to say J. Phillips wrestled up from 138lbs to face Hetzner at 145lbs. Would also like to say C. Hetzner was very impressive not trying to take anything away from him.
  6. Levi thank you for being a great wrestling partner for my son over the last couple of years. I know he thought of you as a great friend and we will all miss you so very much. R.I.P. Gary, you are in my thoughts everyday. Brian Phillips
  7. Sounds good Skyler. Have a great season.
  8. Yes he did sir! But are you not gonna mention that I pinned him in under 30 seconds the round before? Yea your right. But that was a exhibition match no need to mention that. Please tell me why you couldn't repeat the same when it counted . I was letting them know this for ranking not to put you down in any way sorry if I offended you, not my intention. But since you showed your video I will show mine. https://youtu.be/yUqJ7CVSSkg
  9. JaVon Phillips from Centerville beat Skyler Collins from Frankfort 11-3 at Midwest Duals this Summer just for your info.
  10. Does anyone know if Cam Coffman wrestled Taylor Wright from Greenfield Central and if so what was the outcome?
  11. JaVon Phillips will be at 126 for the rest of the year.
  12. Yes he is a very good wrestler hope he gets it under control.
  13. I think Wes Craft of Tri is at 132 if he stays at this weight class this kid should be at least #2.
  14. What happened to Cam Coffman tonight? Seen Thompson had a forfeit.
  15. Seen you guys have Alston Jenkinson from Centerville ranked at 132 he is 120 this year. Just to let you know.
  16. Yes LionsFan I agree Warren Central JV will be tough. See ya Saturday.
  17. C-ville will be at Rushville Super 5. Teams besides C-ville and R-ville will be Batesville, Connersville, Warren Central (JV I think). Tri is usually there but not this year?
  18. JaVon weighted in at 125 even this past weekend he wrestled up at 132. Elijah is 113.
  19. Does anyone know want happened to Vince Prescott from WC? Is he wrestling? What weight? Just asking because I haven't seen him anywhere this year yet.
  20. Oh sorry my mistake I was told the 182 was a transfer. Forfeits or not there were mistakes we made on the mat that I feel cost us.
  21. I don't know how long its been since Centervillle lost to MC I know Coach Day said he didn't ever remember losing to them. Yes they had a couple of big guys that I heard were transfers from Muncie Southside both pretty strong athletic guys they wrestled 182 & 195lbs.
  22. Centerville lost 42 to 40 at Monroe Central in a very good dual meet. This easily could of been a win for Centerville we made some crucial mistakes that cost us big. Monroe will be tough especially in there upper weight classes very solid there. We were weaker in these weight classes and that cost us. That being said I feel Centerville will be in the hunt for another TEC title.
  23. Does anyone know what teams are at the Union County Invit. tomarrow?
  24. Centerville will be tough again this year. 106 Luke Markley(2014 TEC Champ) , 113 Elijah Phillips(Tough Freshmen), 120 Alston Jenkinson(2013,14 TEC Champ), 126 JaVon Phillips(2014 TEC
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