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  1. Welcome to Indiana...sounds like your son might (if your sons weight is 126-132) get to meet Joe and or Nick Lee.
  2. He had great coaches, friends and opponents that helped him every step of the way. Good to see hard work and good character rewarded. Congrats!
  3. Was going through some older posts and found this jewel.
  4. Agree, I for got to mention him earlier. I think Moody finished 6th though. Brian Kuhn and Alex Johns finished 3rd. Who beat Henderson in the ticket round?
  5. Noah Schweizer of MD. Stuck behind Johnson, Lee and Pierre his entire career. All three went to state with 2 (Pierre might have?) placing. He beat Davis at Freshman JV Tournament, Lovejoy and Mantel at ISWA Tournaments. Great wrestler. Would have placed IMO had he attended any other schools where he could crack varsity. Davis, Mantel and Lovejoy all State placers in their careers.
  6. No...I was confused. Red did pin Lahue. Sorry...I was thinking about the Forrest match.
  7. Did you happen to see Lee dismantle a fantastic wrestler named Early for 3rd place? He pinned or TF pretty much the entire State of Indiana (except Micic) plus beat the top wrestlers of Kentucky and Missouri as a freshman. Chad Red had several matches that exposed some things he lacks. He couldn't even put away Lahue who was wrestling with a torn meniscus. Red is a great wrestler. But seriously speaking until he leaves Indiana and accomplishes something on the National or International Level like Micic and Lee have done...let's just keep him in the talks about how well he did against the 120 pound class.
  8. How does Reds name get thrown out like this. Who is his publicist? I would love to see Red wrestle a Lee but its hardley worthy of an entire thread unless its a thread about handwalking races. He definitely wins that one.
  9. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Dundee
  10. According to Jimmy Harts Twitter Bill Dundee is right at 220 lbs
  11. Glad he is okay! Your sons a great wrestler.
  12. I'm sure its got nothing to do with you and Tyler? Lol I am going to miss seeing your son. Our 2 boys battled it out once 7 years ago (Perry Meridian days!) and remained friends. I was great to see those 2 down on Bankers floor still talking after all these year. Tyler is a fantastic kid and I always enjoyed talking to him. Congrats to you and your wife...and Tyler for a great career and great year.
  13. Someone please help me out. About 3 months ago I mentioned the SIAC having plenty of wrestlers on the podium at Bankers. Can someone from their respected school please list who placed at state from the SIAC? There was a debate that the SIAC was down compared to years past and compared to the rest of the state. I think it more than represented itself at Bankers.
  14. One note regarding 132 is that Davis was ranked 4th before he lost to Jourdan and was ranked 9th in the last rankings update. 132 played out to form based on the next to last update.
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