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  1. I ment the south deer born kid at the same weight as mx dole , eter way max dole ain't going to make noise. This page is about predictions all te names I said are going to win it or be runner up.
  2. I disagree on Tipton he is way to small and his tecnique doesn't make up for his strength at the weight he plans on going. Killion is sketchy do to the weight he is possibly going. Rushville should have a very tough 182 lb. Richmond has Austin bane coming in he should make noise. Can't forget those uc kids that bigmak put in as lock ins on the Tec predictions forum Coffman and alquino.also according to bigmak mcclurg should make some big noise this year. I'm sure Richmond heavyweight is a lock in unless some crazy stud moves in wich I doubt. Also Richmond has another kid that I have not seen much of this off season but place on the podium at regionals at a low weight I think he took 2nd? I forget his name haha. South dear born has max dole but I do not think he will be a champ just because of the weight I think he will go. South deerborn looks like one of the weaker teams do to them loosing most of their semi state ranked kids shaw and utterback and idk. Batesville will be not as solid as the past year but still will hold their ground. East central is another team that is not as strong as they were but still should hold up. New caste I look for being weaker this year then they was last year. Lincoln,tri, Hagerstown, north Easter will not make noise at all. Connersville as returning champs should be in the running for back to back titles. Richmond will be a team to watch with all their mat time this off season. UC is another team that may surprise some people on the improvement also centerville will be better ten they was last year ad another team to watch for improvement. Almost forgot about Milan but I do not have much to say. I'm just trying to spark this forum up
  3. Aquino at 170? Makes no sense to bump up to 170
  4. Not many good matchups wich u think will be the best ?
  5. Tri should have a decen 170lb probly won't take it but should do well. Looks like it will be a battle between cen and uc this year. Who will give cufman a challenge in the Tec ? Same goes for cox Tipton. Killion jinkingson ? I don't know much about alquino.....mclurg and bowers I don't see wining
  6. Lets talk about wich team has the most potential Tec champs for this incoming year ;D
  7. Is cosaro I avoiding Hughes or is it the other way around?
  8. I don't think union county has any. Returning seniors if I'm not mistaken
  9. Their aint much besides the names u listed.... Union county might make noise at 106
  10. 106- push 113- Red 120- Hughes 126- Wilson 132- James 138 - Lecount 145- forte 152- Thomas 160- Liter 170- hiestand 182-wiseman 195-Wagner 220- pardue 285-Bernard /trawick
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