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  1. I can pick up what you're putting down now. I think I interpreted your original message a little differently than it was intended.
  2. It's states 20-21 season and January 30, 2021, which would be the current season.
  3. I'm the parent of a wrestler than plans to be there. As much as I LOVE to watch my sons wrestle, I would be more than willing to stay out if that helps the kids wrestle. And that goes for the entire IHSAA season as well. If that's what it takes to pull this off, make it so. We like to say (think) it's about the kids. Time to live up to that if needed I so want to be there, I've maybe missed two matches ever, but this is about him, not me.
  4. We aren’t even sure we will have a season yet.
  5. Any updates on potential for Registration to open? Just hopeful that the IHSAA Go Forward announcement might improve the likelihood of pulling this off! Not being pushy, just curious and anxious.
  6. It's similar to locked hands where you allow the bottom wrestler to improve his situation before stopping the action. It should be a "free move". You allow the pin situation to resolve because; Team Points. But the second the pinning situation is stopped, the match should be stopped.
  7. I hate this post. It is unsportsmanlike and Elitist. I hate it every year. Root for your team/wrestler, not against others. And please don't say "It's all in good fun!" That is no better than "It's just locker room talk!"
  8. State Classes NCAA Points Population Rank Differential Wyoming 3 20 50 -30 Iowa 3 4 30 -26 Oklahoma 4 5 28 -23 Idaho 4 18 39 -21 Nevada 3 15 33 -18 West Virginia 2 21 38 -17 Minnesota
  9. 2017 NCAA Wrestling Championship Placement Points By State
  10. Yeah, I'm really struggling to see where the other wrestler is targeting his knee. And closed fist or open hand...either way, that was flagrant and over the top on his part. I think he was just frustrated that his knee was letting him down and took it out on the other guy. If I were to post a video and ask others to be the judge, I think I would make sure I had a much stronger case, with clear evidence.
  11. Well, this kids Father posted this and said you be the judge... http://myracinecounty.com/?p=20854 Have Fun!
  12. My point was not on recruiting, my point was on potential talent pool. How many Parochial schools are in a rural area more than 30 miles from a real urban center? There are a lot of advantages from economic, to support structures, etc. in urban areas that have an impact here. That said, Mater Dei is still exceptional. Some parochial schools have terrible wrestling programs. There is obviously a long standing tradition at MD and solid coaching that helps maintain a high profile program. I still say that it would be much more difficult to maintain in a true, Rural 1A school s
  13. I would choose the best club/academy you can find. Have him take his lumps early. If he keeps coming back, he's a wrestler. Clubs and Academies are very focused on improving the wrestlers. The beatings are not nearly as severe as they are in competition, and he will grow.
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