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  1. I've definitely got some bias on this one, but if I remember correctly Day of Mishawaka at 215 pinned 95% of his opponents while also getting the fastest pin in state finals tournament history then followed it up with I think a 5th at fargo. That's quite a dominant season.
  2. Hey 800lbs Gorilla Mama, Did you just honestly refer to the ISWA and "Blood Money" in the same sentence sarcastically? Honestly couldn't tell. If you are doing without sarcasm I don't even think my brain could mutter a response due to a total processing failure to understand how yourself or anyone could put together such a statement...
  3. WaltHarris was pretty close to what the problem is. It's actually quite simple. The folkstyle season has started earlier and earlier for several years now with freestyle being pushed further back to compete with more spring and summer sports. Since there is a fall and winter of folkstyle wrestling these kids and their parents are opting to use the spring and summer to participate in the other available club sports. The full effects of this Massive folkstyle season wont be felt by USA wrestling until the next generation of our elite and olympic grapplers take over. These will be the wrestlers who grew up in the current folkstyle wrestling system of USA wrestling. The studs on the team now are pretty much the last generation of wrestlers who were trained from a young age primarily in freestyle and Greco.
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