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  1. Practice time – try to get into a drilling flow in practice…. By doing this you will maximize your improvement. Good luck! - Purler Wrestling www.purlerwrestling.com
  2. Matches – you are better off in live wrestling, at least some of the practice time, to spend live wrestling time going matches vs just all out live wrestling. This way, kids can get used to the ‘feel’ of what a 2 minute period feels like, and they can PRACTICE winning matches. We should change the way we wrestle in a match according to the score and the time on the clock. For example, we would never throw a headlock the last 15 seconds of a match if we were winning by one point. But, if we were losing by a few we might just go for it. Matches in practice bring about big improvements come tournament time. -Purler Wrestling www.purlerwrestling.com
  3. Making weight - It is best to make weight, or come very close, the night before the meet. This way, you can put a couple pounds back on that night, drift off some weight during the night, wake up only 1-2 pounds over, and have a lot more energy for the final cut than you would have by using the cut, starve, sleep method. - Purler Wrestling
  4. System – you are FAR better off as a coach and / or wrestler to have a system of drill routines. Similar to a weight training routine, a practice routine that is neither too big or too narrow is just what you will need. Generally, a few of the best leg attacks, a few of the best ways to score from a front headlock, etc is the best route to take. Write this down and tape it to your wrestling room wall. Follow this just as a teacher would follow a lesson plan. It is better to focus on a narrow drill plan and do this same plan over and over and over than it is to have a massive set of drill routines and only get to spend a few minutes a week mastering that enormous plan. Good luck! - Purler Wrestling

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