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  1. Thank-you for broadcasting this for all of the surrounding schools....
  2. put Bobby Cox in a Jason Baker splatto until he says uncle & states wrestling is equal to basketball in this state....good luck
  3. 1985 move from Market Square to New Castle because of weather. (2 make room for girls basketball finals, the nerve & dis-like of wrestling even back then)
  4. 106-Diep* 113-Pepple 120-Miller 126-Red 132-Lee 138-James 145-Pruitt* 152-Forte 160-Hughes 170-Harvey* 182-James* 195-Rypel 220-Woods 285-Oglesby ****************a lot of different names compared to others, dare 2 b different
  5. Awesome article !! Thanks for sharing and best of luck to Nate in the future!!
  6. Gotta say it's pretty cool I've seen 5 of the 8 FOUR Time State Champs Wrestle!!! (even though I don't actually remember Ellis, I was there)
  7. How long must we wait for the T's? I'll pre-order a large. LOL
  8. pretty good company to have visiting you...
  9. Congratulations to Adams Central 2014-15 Tournament Champions, smart coaching and good wrestling!! Adams Central. 230.5 Leo 202 Southern Wells 168.5 Jay Co. 168 South Adams 143 Woodlan 129 Bluffton 91 Heritage 40
  10. Thank-You for covering the ACAC tomorrow.
  11. Heart-warming end to senior night - KPCNews: Sports http://www.kpcnews.com/sports/article_01fa4fec-8297-5031-ac0b-4846fba9fb8e.html#.VLH55yhoNQs.twitter
  12. The Decatur Daily Democrat does an outstanding job also. They even had a nice article mentioning me last year before semi-state. Jim Hopkins of the paper has done very good of late covering all 3 county schools, and the 2 on radio last night did a impressive job of not being too bias.
  13. Hats off to the ushers for "saving" a seat for a special young man in a wheelchair after a couple people tried to sit in his spot. Very Classy and professional. Thank-You
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