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  1. I can't give a run down of the match as it predates me by 13 years, but hopefully someone can help us out.
  2. Chris Wildeman of Mater Dei had a pin at 8:39 in the finals in 1981.
  3. Pangea Kitchen—Global Soul Food 111 S Green River Rd. Right off the Lloyd Expressway. They’ve got a bar and some of the best food in town. Just recommending a personal favorite.
  4. Actually, just to clear up a common misconception, John and Gertrude Reitz are the namesakes of Reitz Memorial High School. Francis Joesph gave the money to build the school in their honor. Still, great job as usual TripleB.
  5. It isn't at our regional though. Welch, Johns, Goebel, and Johnson. These guys were four of the top 5 in the semi-state. Unfortunately for Johnson, Shepherd was there.
  6. Great point. Matt Powless' jr. year when he got 6th at state was a sectional runner-up and regional champ. As was Tanner Wedding his sophomore year when he got 8th. And Alex White from Mt. Vernon did the same the year he was runner-up to Chalfant. Just to name a few from the south from recent memory.
  7. HWT was Shaw over Page 1-0 in a very competitive match. Really proud of Page's effort today.
  8. What about Wood Memorial? Have they ever had a SQ? I know Alias Corn made it to the ticket round a few years back.
  9. At age 20, I will be headed to my 14th consecutive state finals this year.
  10. 132- #2 James and #5 Jourdan Could make things very interesting not only for the weight class but also the team race as well.
  11. A personal favorite upset was in 2010 unranked Matt Prasek from Evansville Memorial over then top 10 ranked Ben Moberly from Floyd Central with an edge of the mat takedown in OT.
  12. Omar isn't in this semi state. Typically Fort Wayne Wayne wrestlers go to the Fort Wayne semi state. C'mon Lincoln.
  13. I completely agree whoever wins the Wedding/Baysinger match has an excellent shot at top 4. Wedding is a 2 time qualifier and placed sixth 2 years ago. And Baysinger is on fire. I just wish I could be there to watch all of the exciting action.
  14. Wrestling has always been a doormat for the Olympics. The sport has provided some of the best athletes in Olympic history and not to mention one of the greatest moment in all of sports history, Blatnick's gold medal in '84. Remember or heard of that? Probably not, the guy didn't do anything spectacular like overcome cancer to win a gold medal. This is just one example if wrestling not being recognized for its greatness.
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