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  1. Wonder what Bono coming in means for guys like Konrath and Covaciu. I love Bono and his intensity, but the personality differences between Davis and Bono seem pretty extreme. Often times that leads to some guys leaving. Thoughts?
  2. DCand3


    Quite a showing for a lot of Indiana guys! Can’t forget Konrath, still alive in the consos
  3. Great move! A fresh start and working with Kolat should be good for him.
  4. Congratulations Brett!
  5. That stinks! Thank you.
  6. I'm almost sure I saw him as a 6 seed at 184 when they were released, but I don't see him in the bracket. I was excited to see how he'd fair. Any news?
  7. DCand3


    Union County
  8. Seems like the success of Chalfant in the 2014 NCAA's probably bought Goldman another year, anyone considering that Walsh's success may do the same?
  9. DCand3


  10. Paul Petrov from Bucknell will be there as well
  11. I know the saying "can't leave it up to the officials", but it sure seemed like Howe did everything to win that match! I'm not an official...just a long time wrestler, fan & spectator of wrestling and it sure seemed like a garbage decision. Good luck in the NCAA's Andrew.

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