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  1. Wonder what Bono coming in means for guys like Konrath and Covaciu. I love Bono and his intensity, but the personality differences between Davis and Bono seem pretty extreme. Often times that leads to some guys leaving. Thoughts?
  2. Quite a showing for a lot of Indiana guys! Can’t forget Konrath, still alive in the consos
  3. Dream Match...Gable Stevenson vs. Mason Parris, not sure who would win that.
  4. Wow I heard their numbers were down at Union County, but only 5 guys? I went to school there and we always struggled to fill a roster but automatically giving away 8 classes is brutal.
  5. Union County, has to be either Micheal Duckworth or Cody Phillips
  6. RIP Cameron. My thoughts are with the family and the team.
  7. Drew Pariano, Micic & Tsirtsis all leave...whatever the situation is going on at NW, must be a really bad deal.
  8. Red vs Lee was a great match, an all-timer but more importantly a huge win for Indiana wrestling. I saw more excitement in the stands than ever before. What ever your complaint is, valid or not, enjoy the amazing wrestling you received for a mere 8 bucks.
  9. Hello, it is box seats I'm looking for...(sung in my best Lionel Ritchie voice)
  10. Good luck to all the wrestlers today. Leave it all out there!
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