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  1. 106-Red 113-Micic 120-Hughes 126-Fuqua 132-LeCount 138-Blanton 145-Molloy 152-Bradley 160-Hughes 170-Lefever 182-Masengale 195-Sliga 220-Miller 285-Bernard
  2. Completely agree!!Its most definitely going to be fun to watch on saturday.
  3. I see 113, 120, 132, 145, and 195 turning out a little different.. 113-1st-Mock (NM) 2nd-Maddox (W) 3rd-Nelson (KO) 4th-Quin (PERU) 120-1st-Ledford (KO) 2nd-Wilson (MAC) 3rd-Pinkham (W) 4th-Gunter (NW) 132-1st-Hall (KO) 2nd-Sturgill (Peru) 3rd-Enyeart (SW) 4th-McMullen (MAR) 145-1st-Mckee (NM) 2nd-Elliot (ESB) 3rd-Hinkle (W) 4th-Quin (PERU) 195-1st-Ross (NF) 2nd-McDorman(W) 3rd-Smelser(MIS) 4th-Etherington (KO)
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