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  1. Phil had a streak going until his son decided to get married on a state weekend.
  2. Because I don't feel like looking it up, are there any unranked wrestlers left?
  3. I guess I should have said could turn into a medical default.
  4. It only takes one to start something. I'm not saying this is what happened, but it could be a problem.
  5. Now any penalty/caution is going to turn into a medical default.
  6. if adding a 255 or anything close to that, why not just make HWT an open class with no limit. Let the future D and O line kids wrestle. It would also bring in more kids as the football coaches would want their kids getting in better shape and improving footwork.
  7. I think parents should start moving their kids here if they want an easier ticket to state!
  8. Sorry, should have stated that was sarcasm.
  9. Didn't Hayden Lee run to another state?
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe FWCS has middle school programs
  11. Stalling really only hurts the heavyweights. Typically if a small guy is hit with stalling, he deserves it. Refs seem to forget that slide byes, duck unders, and other non leg attack moves are still offense! Just because they don't all shoot doesn't mean they are stalling! I wish a certain Ref we had at the NE8 and Goshen Regional would understand that. I have to tell my wrestlers every time we have this certain ref that they will most likely get hit, at least once. I'm just glad our AD listens when we tell him who not to hire for our home meets! Sorry for the rant!
  12. Or just don't leave it to the refs, you always have to account for human error!
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