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  1. Tristen McDaniel had to be stitched back up between his first match with Memorial and his second match with Mater Dei, no excuses he just has to persevere.
  2. well if Tristen McDaniel hadn't had twelve stitches put in his index finger Friday morning before sectionals, Forsley would have had on the JV singlet. It was a 4-4 match late in the 3rd period when Tristen McDaniel is hit with a penalty point for his 3rd improper start to make it a 5-4 bout with seconds left. Tristen forfeits his matches after the match of the day between the two, McDaniel and Forsley. To have his finger healed up for regionals and semi state, which is actually the bigger picture. Stat tuned for McDaniel vs Forsley 2 this Saturday at regionals at castle with a semi healed finger, just saying and looking forward to wrestling Kemper for first.
  3. 160 lbs weight class looking to be very tough. The match between Tristen Mcdaniel and Isiah Kemper was great to watch, Isiah Kemper came out on top, but it looked like Tristen McDaniel has not loss a step after sitting his entire sophomore year due to moving schools last season, and being ruled ineligible to compete for the whole season. The difference in the two wrestlers build is the difference between night and day. Kemper at about 5'6" and McDaniel at 6'2" and at 160 lbs. Great match to watch, and continued success to both wrestlers.
  4. If any one wasn't at the 2013 Turkey classic in Mt Vernon Indiana, you missed one great match between to great wrestlers, Tristen McDaniel, and Isiah Kemper. They both were bumped to 170, but I'm sure they both will be at 160 before years end. Isiah Kemper came out on top but Tristen McDaniel looks as if he hasn't missed a step, after being ruled ineligible for his entire sophomore season after moving schools. The official of the match commented that matches as close and as good as this one, is why he loves and continues to officiate wrestling matches. What was interesting was the size differences between the two wrestlers, Tristen at 6' 2" and 160lbs and Isiah at 5' 6" and 160 lbs. We're very proud of both of them and we look forward to seeing more matches as great as this one. Now I understand there early rankings of 1st and 2nd at this point and time in the season. Congratulations to both and we wish both of you success in your 2013-2014 wrestling season.
  5. To all those parents coaches and wrestlers that have called or asked about Tristen McDaniel, For those of you that don't know, Tristen has been, unfortunately ruled totally ineligible thru his entire sophomore season for moving schools in the off season. But we insure you that he will be back to full eligibility for his Junior and Senior year. He is looking forward to getting back to his wrestling, football and baseball. For you'll that haven't seen Tristen lately he has shot up in size hes pushing 6' 2" and weighing about 170 to 175 lbs we as he parents And Tristen are very grateful for the continued support over the last 5 months it means more to all of us then you know. In closing again we would like to say thanks to all.
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